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A rep for the Republican National Committee is calling out the NAACP for not supporting Black conservatives in the 2014 midterm elections.

RNC press secretary Raffi Williams noticed that the civil rights organization didn’t congratulate Mia Love or Sen. Tim Scott on their historic victories during the midterm elections this week. Mia’s the first Black female Republican to be elected to the Senate and Tom is the first Black person ever to be voted into the House of Representative and the Senate

No matter what your political leanings those are two commendable achievements. Just to make sure that the rest of the nation caught the snub, Raffi tweeted about it twice.

“Can we take a moment to understand how the @NAACP didn’t congratulate the first black person even elected to both the house and the senate?” he asked in one tweet before calling out the organization again.

His comments undoubtedly caused some eyes to roll, but he was not going to take back what he said. Instead he went on FOX News to reiterate his argument that support from the NAACP shouldn’t hinge on your political affiliation if you are a Black person making significant strides towards equality.

“I think they have a liberal bent to them, but I think the point here is that all Black accomplishments should be celebrated,” he stated. “Whether you agree or disagree with the policy–that’s a debate you can have, but the fact that we have move Black people in elected office should be something that’s celebrated by the NAACP because it is for the advancement of all Black people.”


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