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Fredia Gibbs is a retired boxer, kickboxer and sports legend once billed as “The Most Dangerous Woman In The World.” Gibbs made history by becoming the first Black woman to win a World Kickboxing Championship with the International Sports Karate Association.

Born July 8, 1963, Gibbs was raised on the tough streets of Chester, Pa. right outside of Philadelphia. Bullied and teased as a young girl, Gibbs never fought back as her mother told her not to.

Instead, Gibbs focused on track and basketball, attending Temple University and Cabrini College. At Cabrini, she starred in basketball, later playing professionally in Germany.

Because of her speed on the court and track, she was nicknamed “The Cheetah.” In 1990, she took up the bruising sport of Muy Thai kickboxing. She quickly earned a reputation for her strong kicks and quick hands, piling up a 16-0-1 record. All of Gibbs’ wins came by way of knockout, and she shook up the sport by defeating French legend Valerie Henin, who was also once called the world’s most dangerous woman.

Her lone draw came against a male opponent. In 1997, Gibbs took up boxing for a brief period. She amassed a 9-2 record and last fought in 2003.

Gibbs’ athletic skills earned her some acting opportunities as well. She appeared in a 1996 episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air titled “Boxing Helena,” in where Will Smith was defeated in a boxing gym by a woman. She also starred in a 2001 boxing-themed film, Knockout.

Now 51, Gibbs works as a trainer and Mixed Martial Arts coach in California.


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