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Comicview host Sommore is doing a bunch of things these days aside from being funny. She’s in New York for the Comedy Festival, the largest of its kind in the country. There are 200 comedians and 60 shows in five days. Sommore is at Caroline’s from Thursday through the weekend. 

On performing at The Comedy Festival In New York:

“I’m the only urban comic in the whole festival. The only Black woman. So don’t make me look bad in front of the clear people. Black people, come out and support the show this weekend. Don’t do me like y’all did Barack.” 

On shopping in New York:

“I love New York City. This is the only city you lose your luggage you don’t mind. Any other city you do that, you’re going to look like Nellie Olsen on Little House On The Prairie. In New York, you can transform into a whole different person.”

On Performing On The Cruise In Front of Farrakhan:

“I remember the last time I was on the cruise, y’all put me next door to the Minister [Louis Farrakhan]. I’m not a married woman. This is just awful. I just had to time when he wasn’t gone be in his room, so I could be in my room.

You can’t judge whether he’s having a great time or not [when performing in front of him.] It was so much pressure. He told me he was doing a CD and then he sent it to me like he said he would. He’s very in touch with everything that’s going on.”

On Her Third Comedy Special:

I shot it in Charlotte, N.C., and for everybody that did come out, thanks for what you did for me. And for those who didn’t come, like Barack said, you spoke volumes, too. I’m taking names, too.

On Barack Obama’s grey hair:

I don’t like the white. We don’t have to do a James Brown black, but let’s do an off-black. Let’s do a Richard Roundtree, like a mix. James Brown never had grey hair. Just a little salt and pepper in it. He’s going Uncle Ben. But you don’t let people worry you like that. I wouldn’t do the whole grey hair thing. And Michelle should rock a ponytail, just to through people off.

On police brutality:

We live in a society where if a deejay tell you to put your hands up, you do it but if a cop tells you to put your hands up, you’re like ‘Who you talking to?’ You know Black people can’t deny a good beat. If the cops put on some music, we’d stop in our tracks.

Listen to the whole interview with Sommore for more hilarity.

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4 thoughts on “Sommore On Farrakhan, Barack Obama, And Performing At NY’s Comedy Festival: ‘Don’t Do Me Like You Did Barack’

  1. What? Black people did vote and in large numbers. The Hispanic vote was a very low turn out. put those stupid Democrat/ Judas’ on blast that turned their back on the President, distance themselves which was no laughing matter. Laugh and make jokes about their dumb assess loosing the Election because they got what they deserve. The Map was designed for the Republicans to win anyway plus they only needed 5 seats win (was very easy and set up for them to win, stole the vote and Mitch McConnell aka Pharo bought his votes). Options and chances were few and far between for Democrats to win.

    • nmaat433 on said:

      I won’t comment about the election. But I don’t get why there is only ONE black person at a supposed comedy festival in the most important metropolitan city in the country? ONE?!! Talk about quotas.

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