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Last night someone sent me a tweet which reads “The first word CNN should ask a Ferguson protester is did you go vote?

The tweeter, @Guy1749 followed up with another tweet reading, “And if they say no turn away and go to the next person.

At first I shrugged it off.

Then the more I thought about it the more sense it made.

Basically what @Guy1749 was saying is you have to do more than complain.

In order to affect any real change nowadays you have to exert political and legal power, as we learned on Tuesday night.

And if you don’t want to hear it from me you can hear it from this guy.

That wasn’t a throwaway line.

To me that was a message to people who don’t care enough to take advantage of a right for which some people died.

To me it matters not if you voted Democrat or Republican.

It only matters that you voted.

It is stunning to me that a minority gets to decide for the majority as to the direction of our country.

So the question is, now what, not so much for President Obama, but, now what for all of us?

For six years now lawmakers who cannot work together have stonewalled us.

And yet, this president, like him or not, has still been able to get some things accomplished.

So why don’t’ Americans feel it?

According to the President it’s because income and wages are stagnant, so people don’t feel it where it’s most important- in their pocketbooks – at home.

According to the Vice-President it’s partially because this administration has not done a good job of communicating it.

Political writer Jeff Greenfield conveyed a similar sentiment to me on CNN on Monday that the President needs to get out in front on certain issues as not to allow perception to shape the reality of what he’s actually accomplished.

It is no secret that Mr. Obama could have done more in defending his own policies, even to his own party, which seems to have abandoned him lately.

If the President can’t even get his own party to believe in him, why should Americans be motivated to actually take the time to go vote for the people who are supposed to enact his policies?

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