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Laurence Fishburne used Justin Bieber as an example to describe his new ABC sitcom, “Black-ish.” He joined the ladies of “The View” to talk about the show’s title and its meaning.

“I think of [the term] this way—two words: Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber acts ‘black-ish,’ but he doesn’t get shot by the police. He gets a police escort home.”

Whoopi Goldberg went on to say she doesn’t understand why people freak out about the word, “black-ish.”

Fishburne responded with, “I don’t know” while he looked at the audience for an answer to Goldberg’s question — causing them to laugh at his gaze.

“Black-ish is not unlike squeamish or blue-ish or Jewish,” Fishburne said. “But it means, ultimately, well depending on your perspective, for some people it means when black folks kind of act white, for some folks it means when white folks kind of act black.”

He added, “If you like rock and roll, if you like rhythm and blues, if you like jazz, if you like hip-hop, you might be black-ish.”

Do you agree?

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