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Uh oh! Fantasia‘s rumored husband Kendall Taylor did what many celebrity couples and many other couples have done; he got her name tattooed on him.

As has happened in the past with celebrity couple, this could end bad — very VERY bad, but let’s hope not. The two seem to be very happy and in love with one another. So maybe he won’t have to get it removed someday.

Fantasia shared a photo of the tattoo on Instagram, but she quickly deleted the photo, which was captioned, “loyalty does not come Cheap!!!”

Taylor has her name tattooed right on his chest — leaving folks to speculate what the tattoo really means. Well, besides him confessing his love.

Since the tattoo is in the middle of another one of Taylor’s tattoos — the tattoo of a suit of armor — could he be symbolizing he’s her protector and she has his heart?

Hmm… Nevertheless, good luck to the happy couple who are rumored to have gotten hitched to one another. Regardless of if they’re already married, may their honeymoon phrase never end.

Celebrity Ink: Tattooed Lovers
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(Photo Source: Instagram)