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Timbaland looks happy, like a new man these days … in love with his wife (Monique Mosley) who, just a year ago, was estranged from him and trying to take him for his millions!

According to TMZ, now the couple reconciled and seem to be happier than ever, which Timbaland indicated with romantic photos he posted of them.

That means the nasty divorce — the one with Mosley asking for millions in financial support — a year ago seems to be over.

She was asking for money for child support, life insurance, vacations, private schools and spousal support — including “rehabilitative alimony.”

Timbaland posted on Instagram, “happiness will never come to those who don’t appreciate what they already have.”

Hmm, is he artfully trying to say what we already know: it’s cheaper to keep her?

Anywhoo, the divorce was dismissed last week, according to the court docs. There’s nothing, but love in the Mosley household now.

Cheaper To Keep ‘Em – Expensive Divorces
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(Photo Source: Instagram)

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