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WASHINGTON (AP) — High school and college students are competing for Michelle Obama to come to their schools to share her wisdom about moving on to higher education and adulthood.

The first lady announced on Thursday two video contests as part of her Reach Higher initiative, which encourages students to take their studies and training past secondary school.

To enter the first, high school students, teachers and administrators create a video that urges students to file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA.

The second contest— the Near-Peer Mentoring College Challenge— asks college officials and student groups to submit a video that shows peer-mentoring and college-immersion programs offered on their campuses for incoming students, especially those from underserved communities.

Mrs. Obama will speak at the winners’ commencement ceremonies in the spring.

Contestants must upload their video to YouTube or Vimeo. They can also post their efforts on social media and using #ReachHigher.

The first lady’s Reach Higher initiative encourages high school students to attend a four-year university, community college or a professional training program.

The initiative supports President Barack Obama’s “North Star” goal to make America once again have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world by 2020.

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(Photo: AP)

5 thoughts on “First Lady Launches 2 Graduation Video Contests

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  2. Masa White on said:

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      • Ryan Burke on said:

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