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Tyrese Gibson and Sanaa Lathan … an item?!

Well apparently no one until now. Yep, that’s the deal if a report from TMZ is to be believed.

A TMZ camera guy caught up with the two leaving the Cheesecake Factory on Wednesday night. And he asked Tyrese if the two were indeed an item. Tyrese, 35, seemed annoyed walking to his car and in response to the videographer’s questions the actor/singer kept saying, “c’mon man.”

We’re not sure why he was trying to be evasive ’cause in the passenger seat was the 43-year-old beauty.

Apparently, this wasn’t the first time they’d been out. Sources told TMZ that the two had dinner at Pizzeria Mozza in Hollywood on Monday and then again on Wednesday.

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(Photo/Video Source: TMZ)

10 thoughts on “RUMOR REPORT: Are Tyrese and Sanaa Lathan Dating? [Video]

  1. carmen on said:

    Oh so she like bad boys, she seemed to classy for him but I guess not, defanately can’t judge the book by the cover, thought she dated or was married to a white guy. Didn’t he use to to gang bang?.

  2. That stupid comic (spanky) has apologized to Tyrese. ANd see how stupid some folks can be who wanted to believe that fool spanky.

    • WHy? She has high standards and may not just want to grab any kind of guy just to say she is in a relationship (and she shouldn’t. Look at relationships nowadays. and lets not bring up Ray Rice) . There are a lot of women like her. As it is said, “I can do bad by myself”.

      • Rice Ray? Where did that come from, if u check ur stats their r more women on women domestic violence then men on women. U being being single in ur 40 is a u problem, their r no perfect ppl n this world. Check ur self it might b u.

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