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Donald Trump took to Twitter to blame President Obama directly for the doctor who was recently diagnosed with Ebola in New York City.

Shortly after officials confirmed Craig Spencer had tested positive for the virus after treating Ebola patients in Guinea, Africa, Trump tweeted: “Ebola has been confirmed in N.Y.C., with officials frantically trying to find all of the people and things he had contact with. Obama’s fault.”

Seven minutes later, Trump tweeted, “I have been saying for weeks for President Obama to stop the flights from West Africa. So simple, but he refused. A TOTAL incompetent!”

The Donald didn’t stop there. In a series of subsequent tweets, he made reference to the name Barry Soetoro, which appears on Obama’s Columbia University identification card. “I never thought I’d say it in my lifetime, but President Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry

Sotoro, is a far worse president than Jimmy Carter!”

President Obama has said he is not against a travel ban, but the United States should be wary of cutting itself off from West Africa.

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(Photo Source: PR Photos)