Tameka Raymond On How “Atlanta Exes” Affected Her Relationship With Usher



Tameka Raymond and Usher have enough reasons not to get along, but joining “Atlanta Exes” could’ve added one more to the list. Tameka discusses doing reality TV, and what her superstar ex-husband really thinks about it on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show“!


Tameka Raymond On How “Atlanta Exes” Affected Her Relationship With Usher was originally published on rickeysmileymorningshow.com

11 thoughts on “Tameka Raymond On How “Atlanta Exes” Affected Her Relationship With Usher

  1. Who is she trying to fool? Certainly not me, I for one do not believe the hype Tameka is pushing about Usher. His mom was right for not wanting her son to marry this “Gold Digger” & “Fame Whore” who has nothing better to do than be a a reality show, well reality should have set in by now, the gravy train ride is now over. Get a “real” job like everybody else.

  2. It actually opened my eyes to see who she is as a person. This lady has been dealing with alot, loosing her son and was still going to court over it while taping the show. Going through a public divorce on before all of that then loosing custody to her ex. She is going through it! I have emphathy for her. I believe Tameka is way too mature for all of the nonsense and pettiness, she’s a grown ass woman…I get it!

  3. SuperCee on said:

    She should have thought about that before committing to be on the show. I don’t watch any of these shows, Exes, Divas, Love and Hip Hop….I have no interest in seeing people make fools of themselves and put all their business out there for the world to see.

    • Yes, she knew what is expected to do a reality show. She should stay out of the spotlight, stop trying to gain sympathy and do what all women in her situation with CLASS would do which is to “focus on your family” and not your need “to be seen on TV, radio, magazines, etc….

    • All today “reality show’s” are so negative just to get a response ? They show all bad disruptive people that bring each other down with language,fighting ,etc. Showing black men being negative towards women on the show. But hey when you put yourself on the “devil camera” for the world to see it get ratings????. Nothing positive on reality shows. Hip Hop Hollywood, love and hip hop,bad girls club, basket ball wives,jump- off. ETC YOU KNOW THE REST OF THESE STUPID SHOWS… Rap music included!!!!

    • Agree with you 100%! She is not telling the truth. She has too many people she forgot knows her business from the days of her “flaunting and believing she is better than the same people she needed in Atlanta when she was a stylist for Usher.” Usher’s mom was right. Tameka was suppose to be a friend helping Usher with his wardrobe and problems with his girlfriend. She turned it into a situation to make Usher feel like she was not like the other ladies wanting him for only his money. It turned out Tameka was focused on the money and fame….so sad.

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