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President Barack Obama needs your help. This year’s midterm elections, taking place nationwide on November 4, are crucial to the President’s legislative agenda in his last two years in office.

“We know what we’ve got to do,” he says. “We’ve got to increase the minimum wage. We’ve got to make sure that women are getting paid the same as men for doing the same work. We’ve got to rebuild our infrastructure. We’ve got to make sure that young people – our youngest children – are getting early childhood education that helps them succeed. All these things we could be doing right now, if we had a Congress that was willing to cooperate.”

The President says that when the Black vote doesn’t turn out in the midterm elections, Republicans are able to dominate those contests. That’s why, he says, Congress is Republican-controlled right now and he’s often unable to get through important legislation. Democrats, especially, seem to view the midterms as less important, something the President says is due to several factors.

“We’re younger, there are more minorities, more low-income folks, more working folks, so they’re not always high consumers of information. And so, a lot of times, what ends up happening is that they don’t even know sometimes a midterm’s coming up. They know when there’s a Presidential race, but what folks don’t always realize is that voting for Congress and the Senate and the gubernatorial races – that’s going to have as much impact on anything as who the President is.

If I don’t have a Congress I can work with, then I’m not going to get a higher minimum wage, even if I want it. We’re not going to get early childhood education, even if I’m putting it in my budget. So we have to vote now.”

The President is aware that there are several states where voting rights have been encroached upon, including Georgia, which reportedly has “lost” 40,000 voter registrations. That’s among several issues in a number of states now that a crucial part of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 has been decimated.

“Less than half of our folks vote,” Obama says. “If they did all the trickery that they did, it probably affects 1 – 2% of our vote. There’s still 48% of our folks who could be voting but just decided they didn’t feel like it.”

Obama says each election is important but that this one is critical to help him move things forward that most Americans care about.

“We’ll get a lot of stuff done whether or not Congress wants to help,” he says. “But the big things that would give people a boost in terms of higher wages and help on childcare and rebuilding some of our roads and bridges and putting more people back to work and getting more apprenticeships and job training for young people and trying to further reform the criminal justice system, something that Eric Holder and I  have been working on, a lot of that depends on me having a Congress I can work with.”

President Obama says you can head over to to find out more about early voting in your state and other voting information.

“It’s not going to be as exciting as a presidential race. We’re not going to have all the big rallies and all the bells and whistles and all the attention. That’s just not something you can do in a midterm election where these are individual Senate races or House races. But part of us  growing up politically, maturing politically – it’s recognizing it’s not always exciting. It’s not always bells and whistles. Sometimes, you just do your job. And folks’ jobs right now -it’s not sexy and it’s not exciting –  go vote. It will help determine how much I can get done in these last two years.”

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204 thoughts on “President Obama: ‘I Need Black People To Turn Out And Vote On Nov. 4’

  1. When, are poor black folks going to stop this love affair with this man, when, are they going to realize that Obama, don’t care anything, about, black poor folks, the only people he cares about are people like Beyoncé, and Jay Z, these are his kind of black folks, the ones that can fill his pocket. Obama, has done absolutely nothing for poor black people over the last 6 years, but, make things worse. Chicago, is a nightmare, and he never addressed that mess, and that situation has gotten worse since he took office, the only time he addresses poor blacks, is when he want them to get out and vote, this is so sad.

  2. t.c Bakalla on said:

    Well when I Voted on Monday in Des Plaines Illinois whenever I attempted to vote for someone who was NOT a Democratic the Voting Machine kept poping my vote to the Democratic canidate. It took six or seven attempts before it properly took my vote. I’m sure many voters did not watch after they checked off a canidate and their vote went to the Democrat. When I said something to the Election Judges they said it ws the 1st day of voting and thier were some bugs that needed to be corrected.
    I feel that this ERROR was not in fact an ERROR.

  3. carmen on said:


    • Richard on said:

      You are correct, there is no difference and they are both racist statements. Now that we have cleared that up do you agree that the nitwit in the WH is a racist? If not you need to read more of his writings and judge his friends before he was well known to the nation.
      There is no question in my mind that holder is also a racist.

  4. Obama. Total and complete FAILURE! What a disaster this guy has been. Not only for the US but for the WORLD!!! Him and his America taking a back seat in world events. When America steps back, look who steps up. Putin, ISIS, Al Queda, Hamas……

    Black or white or Red or Pink.. Obama sucks in ANY COLOR!

  5. Archie on said:

    If a white person said, I need white people to turn out and vote, it would be in the news as a RACIST person, who should be removed from office. Plain and simple that is a RACIST remark.

  6. African Americans have suffered under the Democrats since slavery and they are about to suffer even more thanks to President Obama and the push for immigration. Do you like that? Does the idea that the black community will have even less of an advantage because the Democrats think they need more minority voters to keep them relevant? Do you enjoy seeing people unempowered, limited, and restricted, bound in chains to a political party that tells them that if they leave the plantation of poverty and ignorance they are Uncle Toms or worse? Do you like the fact African Americans have been convinced that their circumstances are not their own, that they are not the creator or master of their destiny, but a slave to conditions? Domestic Abusers take away a person’s self-empowerment, self-awareness, and self-accountability. How are Democrats any better than Domestic abusers? They isolate the black community and tell them no one loves them but Democrats and Republicans are their enemies. Democrats believe you HOPE and CHANGE come from your Government, not GOD. Praise be to government that they should lift you out of poverty, right? The Democrats have destroyed the spirit and soul of African Americans in this country on purpose to manipulate and control them by empowering themselves. We are beautiful divine beings capable for many great and unlimited things. If you want to lift yourself out of poverty, stop giving your power to politicians and especially Democrats. Empower yourself. Fill yourself up with Faith because worry is soul suicide. “As a being of Power, Intelligence, and Love, and the lord of his own thoughts, man holds the key to every situation, and contains within himself that transforming and regenerative agency by which he makes himself what he wills” ~James Allen. Be the Change you want. Stop empowering your government and find within yourself all you need to rise above the pain, injury, and injustice. Forgive those who have caused you pain and misery and seek to replace thoughts of poverty, bitterness, and anger with thoughts of faith, gratitude, love, and peace.

  7. John Minister Zion on said:

    Why in the hell should black people vote? You screwed us for 8 years. This is the first time since be president the word black ever came out of your mouth. You spent all your energy on homosexuals and white people. Kiss our ass you fraud. If black people do vote, it better be for republicans. At least we can see our enemy for what they are, instead of getting screwed in the dark.

  8. Voter Fraud? In North Carolina the NAACP lawyer in meeting tells member to go out and tell other blacks not to register to vote, so that when they show up to vote they are to cause a big commotion for not being allowed to vote. News reporters standing by to be there shortly to record it all.
    All this for Holder to gather material for his lawsuit against N. Carolina to change their voting laws.

    More Voter Fraud? Black activist Preachers across the south taking hands full of absentee votes to have blacks come into the church to fill out and be turned by the Preacher at a voting sight. Stating that they cant vote normally because they will be in danger if they do so. Then told to vote on Nov. 3rd.
    See anything that stinks here?

  9. Dirose on said:

    Sad, but true. I know so many people who only vote every 4 years. They believe their votes don’t count. I remember watching Black people getting beat up just for trying to vote.Don’t forget how disrespectful some people have been to him and his family because he’s Black. I have disagreed with previous president, but I always show respect. Check the National Archives; he has used executive power less than any president. But republicans say otherwise.

  10. croweater on said:

    Nice to know that I have a president who doesn’t consider me one of “his folks” because of my skin color. Is he a racist?

  11. croweater on said:

    You are all still slaves. The Democratic party is your master. You don’t need to pick cotton. Yet. All they need you do do is press buttons on a voting computer. For now. Each time you vote based on race, you sacrifice freedom for the rest of us. You are allowing the government to destroy the constitution; a document designed to limit government power so that the power will be in the hands of the people. Why are you giving up our rights? Because the politician’s skin is black like yours? Because you want an Obama phone? Wake up.

  12. croweater on said:

    So what he’s saying is “go vote and I’ll raise your wages,” and “we need early childhood education, because raising a child in its formative years shouldn’t be the responsibility of the parent, the government should do it.” This guy has lied through his teeth for six years, yet he expects black people to jump when he says so based on skin color? I would hope they had learned their lesson about blindly voting based on race by now.

  13. Why hasn’t the senate and congress not impeached this President? I hold you both guilty for not doing your job and
    Impeaching this so called President.

  14. So tell me fellow citizens (no matter the color or race) after the election when President Obama via executive order, makes 12-20 million new citizens out of illegals how will you feel?
    12-20 million people competing with you for jobs, schools, health care, housing, benefits etc…
    Is he looking out for America and you??
    A new voting block, and rich corporations?

  15. A president is supposed to be presidential an represent ALL the people…not just white or black.
    This president’s focus is fuzzy.

  16. The GOP has alienated women, black americans, Hispanics, lgbt’s, and most other “reasonable” republicans. I know the president is concerned, but believe me Mr. President, “We got your back”

    • you are confused the GOP has done those things ONLY in the eyes of the lying Democrats who DON’T want them to be elected. HOWEVER here is the TRUTH that YOU can research and confirm about your “FRIENDS” the Democrat party.

      Democrats have held voting MAJORITY CONTROL over BOTH the HOUSE and the SENATE at THE SAME TIME 64 of the last 82 yrs.
      Including ABSOLUTE MAJORITY CONTROL of BOTH houses of congress AT THE SAME TIME ,UNINTERRUPTED from 1949 -1981.
      Many times with the Whitehouse as well.
      Democrats wrote ALL of the Jim Crow(racist) laws,VOTED A G A I N S T the Civil Rights Law not once
      BUT ..F I V E ..T I M E S ! ! !
      Democrats voted AGAINST de-segregation designed to give black students a shot at a decent education at formerly ALL WHITE schools
      and they stood in school and University doorways to block their entrance once the law was passed.
      The last Dem stronghold to ALLOW de segregation was Minnesota in 1979. NOT 1959 ….1979 .Democrats had control over congress when they voted
      on and APPROVED military action in WW II, KOREA,VIET NAM,IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN.
      Democrat congresses DOUBLED the National Budget EVERY ten years since 1930 EXCEPT the 50s and the 70s when they NEARLY TRIPLED IT.
      They continue to blame Republicans for ALL the above yet Republicans have NOT been in control of the congress 80% of the last 82 yrs.
      Democrats are either THE BIGGEST LIARS or the MOST INEPT party in the history of the world.
      How ELSE could THEY be in absolute control of congress and BLAME the PERPETUAL MINORITY REPUBLICANS for all the problems.
      Our national debt is WELL OVER $17 TRILLION and NOW they want to raise the debt limit AGAIN.
      Your share of the debt,by the way, is about $58,000.00 go ahead WRITE THAT CHECK out to the U.S.Treasury.
      AND while you are at it write one of EQUAL value for EVERY ONE of your children and grandchildren , AND your spouse and any children in utero.
      Obama has been in office 6 yrs and our debt has gone from about $11 trillion to WELL OVER $17 trillion.
      Our nations credit rating has been REDUCED TWICE for the first time since 1812.
      AND NOT ONLY have MANY countries STOPPED using the U.S. dollar as its currency of choice for international trade
      BUT also 37 American Cities NO LONGER use it because of its weakness.
      Obama said we had a health care emergency and we MUST INSTITUTE A C A NOW. Why? because 31 million didn’t have health care.
      SO instead of MAKING SOMETHING AVAILABLE to the 31 million HE FORCES E V E R Y O N E into the “NEW, BETTER” PLAN.
      eople many of whom were waiting for heart ,kidney,transplants or Cancer treatments.
      NOW without coverage.While promoting ACA HE SAID after ACA is instituted 27 million will NOT have health care because the young won’t sign up.
      SO HE TOOK CONTROL of 18% of the GNP ,TOOK OVER A PRIVATE SECTOR industry for a NET gain of 4 million people out of the
      318 million people living in the country? YOU THINK THAT WAS WISE? WHY?
      Because they are doing so well with AMTRAK which the government took over in 1979 ,and since IT HAS NEVER EVEN BROKE EVEN?
      or maybe its because of their handling of social security? or perhaps the Post office bleeding red ink at MILLIONS of dollars a MONTH.
      I cannot think for the life of me how Democrat sufferers of the Stockholm Syndrome have continued
      to vote these Lying,deceitful,inept S.O.B.s into office.
      The ONLY thing that makes sense is that the American public is AS STUPID as the DEMOCRATS TREAT US..OH and BY the way..
      S U R P R I S E !!HE knew which party could DO the MOST good for the black American,AND which party would be MOST DETRIMENTAL.
      HE knew that the governent giving SPECIAL CONSIDERATION in the form of QUOTAS didn’t HELP the black man but …
      INSTEAD would cause racism and descrimination to flourish.
      HE knew that GIVING ANY American a way to stay HOME and be taken CARE OF by government hand out was NOT giving ANY AMERICAN EQUALITY
      but instead was a way for the Democrats to make many Blacks AND HUNDREDS of thousands of others SLAVES of the STATE

    • You got Obama’s back for one reason and only one! Because he is black! You originally voted for him, even though he didn’t have an credentials, because he’s black, and even though he was destroying America, did nothing for the black community, and went against everything you morally believe in, you voted for him again because he is black! Sounds like a racist! And by the way… Drop the “African-American” bit. Three hundred years have passed since we left that continent, and we have a right to be just Americans! Get over your racist self. Get off the democrat/Obama plantation. You are free!

  17. Obama only turns to the black community when he needs votes. He’s all about promises and aspirations when he needs us, but where was he during Ferguson (answer: playing golf)? Where’s the repeal of mandatory minimums that have been proven to disenfranchise the black community disproportionately?? Don’t ask Mr. Holder, he’s too busy ducking the Senate Committees to take the time to explain what progress he’s made on an issue he claims is so dear to him.

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