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3-year-old Brooklyn tot, Jeida Torres was brutally beaten to death by her mother’s boyfriend, Kelsey Smith in Brooklyn after she accidentally went to the bathroom on herself. “She either pooped her pants or peed on herself, and he got agitated,” a source said. According to the responding the police, Torres was clinging to life when they found her bruised, bloody and battered. A neighbor said, “I saw the paramedics run out with little girl wrapped in a blanket. Her hands were just hanging out … just limp.” A 911 caller reported “bloodcurdling screams” coming from the apartment where Torres lived with her mother Kimberly Torres-Smith, Smith and Torres’ older brother, Andrew Torres.

After Smith fled the scene, he cut himself in a failed suicide attempt and was found across the Queens border. Smith has a long rap sheet that includes 14 prior arrests and the charges include robbery, larceny and assault. A neighbor, Marilyn Cruz claimed that this tragic beating came after a solid two weeks of fighting in the apartment.

Kimberly arrived at her apartment 30 minutes after the 911 call and told police she left Smith alone with her two kids when she went to work Saturday. Both Kimberly and her father cried inconsolably outside of the apartment once they heard the news.

Our hearts go out to the Torres family as they try to piece their lives back together following such a tragic loss. Smith has still not been charged and it’s being reported that the NYPD, the Administration for Children’s Services and the Department of Homeless Services are all investigating.

What a tragic story. What’s worse is that Kimberly’s children have shown signs of abuse for quite some time and Smith finally threw the final blow. There’s more stories out there in the world like this one that go unreported. What can we do to help?!

For Helpful Information, Check Out ACADV.


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5 thoughts on “Adorable Brooklyn Child Brutally Beaten To Death By Stepfather After Soiling Herself

  1. clariol on said:

    Hold those women accountable..If your man is beating your kids for no reason and mean as hell and you let it go on..Take them to jail with those low life men..I will never keep a man just to have one..and my sons fathers will kill them so save your tax dollars on those crimes..

  2. Some of the women should be held accountable when they put their children in harms way. I am sure that she is hurting but the child is the most important gift that we are given and we are responsible to keep them safe. This happens way to often. Today we have the internet and we can screen people before we get involved with them. The poor kids always pay the price. This is a sad situation all the way around.

  3. Sistahs need to take into consideration that some men will not show any love for another man’s child.

    This is not the first incident of the boyfriend killing a child, nor will it be the last.

    Hopefully, this POS will get some good ole street justice from the brothas in jail when then find out what he did.

    May Jeida Torres be blessed by the angels!!!!

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