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Mona Scott-Young opened up about Joseline Hernandez‘s attack on three of her “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” stars during the reunion of the show’s last season.

“Everybody just expresses themselves at will. Sometimes it’s not in line with how the rest of us would express ourselves,” she said to “Arise 360.”

She added, “I think for the most part people were understanding; although a bit disappointed, in how she ended up expressing herself during the reunion,” she said.

She continued to talk about why she believes the show is so popular regardless of its portrayal of people of color.

“I think there’s a spectacle factor to it. These guys are living their lives so loudly, she said. “I think people enjoy being able to sit in their living rooms and see what’s going on in other people’s lives.”

She added, “I always say I also think that there’s a relatability factor that nobody wants to comp to. You see a little bit of something that you recognize, maybe a little if something of yourself in them as well.”

No matter what critics think about the rachetness and fights that break out all the time on the franchise as a whole, she said, “love it or hate it, they’re addicted.”

(Photo Source: PR Photos/ Video Source: YouTube)

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