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At this time it is unclear just how worried we should be about Ebola transmission. One thing we can 100% be sure of is that you will NEVER contract Ebola if you do not encounter anyone who has the virus. Since we now have the first people to contract Ebola on U.S. soil, it is important to consider and discuss prevention.

The CDC reports that it is very difficult to get the virus, that the US is very prepared to contain the virus, and that Ebola patients are not contagious until symptoms occur. Since it is very possible that the Ebola virus will continue to spread throughout the US. Here are some general Ebola protection tips designed for travelers, people who rely on public transportation, and for overly cautious individuals.

Each day I plan my own travel and am inundated with questions about travel. “Should we go?’ ‘Is it safe to take the kids?’ ‘Should we just drive?’ Our lives can’t just stand still, but perhaps we should adjust some things. So I thought it was important to take the time to reveal ways that we can all travel safer. I put the tips into a simple pictograph so that you can share them with your family and friends, Ebola protection for travel.

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