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Johnneisha Kemper was a teenage mother six years ago. After a dispute with her birth mother that left her newborn daughter locked inside her mother’s home, Kemper called police. Instead of helping her and despite the lack of imminent danger to the child, a requirement in protective custody cases, her child was taken. Six years later, San Diego will settle with Kemper – to the tune of a paltry $225, 000.

KSND San Diego reports:

Kemper had her daughter, Nyhanna,with her while visiting her mother in San Diego in 2008. She had just been released from the hospital, when Kemper said she had a dispute with her mother.

Her mother locked her out of the house, with her baby still inside. Kemper said she called San Diego Police hoping they would help intervene but instead they took her child.

And from there the legal battle began.

Attorney Shawn McMillan helped Kemper file a civil rights lawsuit against San Diego County, the social workers involved, City of San Diego and the Police officers who initially took the baby.

“The system did fail her in every way that she could have been failed,”Attorney, Shawn McMillan

The lawsuit said police officers took the baby even though there was no immediate threat to the child.

“The first thing they have to ask themselves is before they act at all, is, is this child in immediate danger of suffering severe bodily injury or death at the hands of the parent,” McMillan said.

A foster child herself, Kemper was living in the Los Angeles area at the time.

At 16, she had no driver’s license but said she tried her best to get to San Diego to do what the court required.

“Within that six months I had to go to counseling, go to parenting classes, and take drug tests. I had regulatory visits every Tuesday,” she recalled.

Kemper’s daughter is now 6 years old and living with adoptive parents.

Eventually, the court terminated her parental rights and Nyhanna was adopted.

“After they did that, that was the end. I lost everything,” Kemper said.

“I can’t do anything to get her back. I just have to sit and accept the fact that oh, I have a daughter but she’s just somewhere out there,” she said.

Kemper’s lawyer says she has  little chance of ever getting her child back. It’s a cautionary tale, one that Kemper hopes will help someone else.

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18 thoughts on “Sad: Teenage Mom Has Baby Taken From Her, Awarded Just $225,000

  1. BuffaloSoldier on said:

    Racial discrimination and marginalization of African Americans . again this shows how weak we African Americans are . We have a Black President who has no clout or power … And we are powerless it shows that money is power,,, eduction is power… we are still beggars relying on White mercy

  2. Diamondgrrl55 on said:

    Please tell me there is more to this story an I missed it??? So the cops just took the baby? There was no violence or anything done towards the child? If not, that it sad that they took this child from her for no reason. For those two who made negative comments… Have several seats! That was her child an when that child grows up she may feel like the birth mama didn’t want her and that’s not the case! Doesn’t seem or sound right to me. There are plenty single mothers who work hard and don’t just use tax payers money so please stop the negavtivity. Before you jump on me… No I’m not a single mother and I don’t have kids. So don’t try to pour those neg comments my way lol…

  3. Baby’s having baby’s yeah I’m sure if she would have kept her baby she had all the resources
    (education good job descent housing) necessary to raise it on her own, I guess it wound up costing the tax payers after all

    • You’re about as stupid as they come. She didn’t ask YOU for any support so STFU! Jealous MF. And to Jhuf, how the hell do you know what kind of life the baby would have with its mother. My mother raised me by herself and I finished college and have been a professional for nearly 30 years! Self righteous ignorant, so on and so on.

      • Yeah and my Grandma smoked for 95 years and lived to be 105, your anecdotal testimonial
        means nothing in the scope of COLD HARD STATS underage teen pregnancy a major cause
        of poverty low education and substandard livelihood in USA

      • You hoes are mad because I speak the truth. Further, I did not mention anything about what the child’s life would/would not have been. The inference was that Ms. Kemper should be thankful that she got a dime. If she feels cheated then she should not have accepted the settlement and continued with litigation. Eat shlt, catch ebola and DlE!


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