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CLOSE is reporting that a White House aide considered cutting off radio legend Tom Joyner over a joke he made on-air about Monica Lewinksy during the handling of the Clinton and Lewinsky scandal.

The site reports:

At one point, White House officials considered cutting off talk radio host Tom Joyner for an off-color conversation on his show. While discussing Lewinsky’s job prospects, Joyner had said: “You know what her qualifications are, she obviously has some skills she learned at the White House.”

An aide emailed a transcript of the exchange to others in the West Wing with the opener: “I wanted you to see this. This is a transcript from ‘Talk Daily.’ Please keep this in mind the next time he asks for an interview.”

Robert B. Johnson, a domestic policy aide, dismissed the suggestion.

“I find some things said on his show distasteful too,” Johnson said. “BUT, to be on our side when it counts. I would not be too hasty to pull the plug. He needs to be kept engaged for our message and for GORE. Politics baby!!!!!”

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