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Social media can be a great way to connect with your fans. It can help build your brand and keep you connected with the millions who love you. Just ask Rihanna. But some celebrities draw the line between letting folks all the way into their lives as opposed to allowing some things to be seen, while others are kept private. (See: Beyonce.)

Erica Campbell may have realized that social media isn’t the best place to share your personal feelings about your relationship with your husband. She posted her husband, producer Warryn Campbell with a few hashtags that had people’s eyebrows raised.

Already controversial in the Christian community for their blend of secular and spiritual music, as well as the personal things they’ve detailed on their popular WeTV reality show Mary Mary, Erica and her sister Tina are used to weathering the pushback from their more conservative fans. But did Erica go too far this time or is what she’s saying about her husband just fine in a Christian union? Click over to see what she said.

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46 thoughts on “Is Erica Campbell’s Instagram Post TMI Or Encouraging To Christian Couples?

  1. Rogelio on said:

    The only thing wrong with her post is that she posted it.#aintnobodysbusinessbutmyown
    There may not be anything wrong with what goes on the in the bedroom of a married couple, but once it leaves the bedroom (and I’m not talking about #howinthehelldidthisishhappenohbaby) it’s crossed a line that it shouldn’t have crossed. Marriage is between a man and a woman. It ain’t ya girls business and it ain’t ya network’s either. #privacyisthecurrencyofthefuture #keepthatsh*ttight #thesehoesaintloyal #socialmediaistherealpandemic

  2. sillyhpbailey on said:

    It her husband and her feeling for him she can say what she wants on her page if u don’t like it don’t read it or unfriendly ur self that simply. Get yet husband and then see how u feel

  3. Tina B. on said:

    I don’t see anything wrong with what she said. They are MARRIED! In marriage, making love is a beautiful thing! It’s all of you “supposed to be” upstanding Christians who are holier than thou on Sunday and do everything under the sun the rest of the week are the problem. What she said was not vulgar. This woman loves her man, and although I would not, she chooses to use social media to express that! I say to each his own! Love your man Erica!

    • Why tell social media? Why is it not enough to just tell him? After all, he is the only one that cares about how she feels about what he does in bed. Or is he? So what’s the point of crowing about his prowess in the sack on social media? I could answer that question for you, but I’ll just let you stew on it for while.

  4. Girl have a seat! on said:

    #sympathysex! Sounds like SHE got lucky because the one he wanted wasn’t there. People sex does not equal love! He appeared very annoyed with her behavior on that show.

  5. Derekj on said:

    This chick just opened the door for the “Groupies to come in and wreck havoc on her marriage”…This is how you lose your man, tell everyone how good he is in the sack…..This chick is to old for this type of behavior, please get help….Pray for this sister.

  6. Go head on Mrs. Campbell…Get your “Undefiled” On!!! It’s nothing wrong with this married sister complimenting her husband and marriage. Some people are so old fashion and judgemental. If you think it’s better to keep your personal business to yourself, then do that, (and that’s okay too) but don’t rain on others parade just because they’re free in Christ. It’s not that serious!!

  7. decpanthers on said:

    I thought that Bey and Jay was disgusting with that “Drunk in Love” mess talking about oral sexing each other by phrases Monica Lewinsky and Eat the Cake Anna Mae. Yet folks kept saying they are married. Oh if she was single she would have been called all kinds of whores and everything for making such a song. Another woman sexed him outside of the marriage one time and his big, ugly, old rusty behind will do it again. Don’t be surprised if someone hastag her and said #IHADTHESAMETHING. Be careful what you put out there because it will come back and bite you in the butt.

  8. Dana Hassan on said:

    I think that people need to relax. It’s really not that deep. It is okay to express how you feel about your husband, I mean they have children so its not like we don’t know they are having sex. Why don’t people get down on these women out here expressing their sex life with somebody else’s man or a bunch of other men thats not their husband.

  9. There’s nothing wrong with her hastag! The way the headline was I thought she hastaged something worse than what’s actually posted. Like #doggiestyle , #goodhead, #ilikeitfromtheback….she didn’t say anything explicit! Love on your King girl & let the world know!

  10. Elizabeth Howard on said:

    I think that scripture she’s using means, don’t put your bedroom business out there. You are defiling your bed lady.

  11. Erica keep doing you. Whatever it takes to keep it sexy and spicy do it. If you didn’t these other trifle women would. (Christian or not). Most of the ones complaining are in stale and uninspiring marriages/relationships or they don’t have a mate at all. FYI being Christian doesn’t mean throwing in the sexy o flirty towel.

  12. Pamela on said:

    She is married to him so what is the big deal?!?! She is not lusting after another man or showing revealing pictures. Christians are human and have sex on a regular basis!!! Move on nothing to see here people!!

  13. Two things:
    1) This was a public show of affection. A declaration of her love (and obviously it’s good).
    2) Song of Solomon

  14. Ericka do you. I don’t see anything wrong with letting the world know that you are crazy in love with your husband. If you don’t someone else will.

  15. How do you start off by saying “undefiled” and then go to #nasty? She should keep her personal business personal. I really hope her daughter doesn’t see what she is posting about her sex life. It’s an issuse of decression and tack wheither a person is christian or not, and those that are should put a difference between what you do and what everyone else does. Sounds like a cry for help on her part. As I said earlier, hope Infidelity isn’t reoccouring.

  16. We don’t talk about it enough in the Christian world. I believe that is why when it is mentioned it’s considered perversion and when it is between a husband and wife it’s pure and undefiled. Talking more about the right things could help build each other up and maybe help keep some marriages together.

  17. As a Christian woman, I actually see nothing wrong with this post. I was under the impression that she had posted some explicit personal business. But this actually pretty tame. Just a woman alluding to desire for her God-blessed husband!!

  18. Big Red on said:

    This world has gone mad!! Absolutely nothing wrong here!! People make positive and good things wrong and negative and bad things, right!! Get it together people and work on your own relationships!!

  19. Charlie Blaake on said:

    I think Erica was having fun at expressing her love and desire for her husband!!! That’s all, love is a beautiful thing.

  20. clariol on said:

    Somebody always needs attention. I see more carnal habits in christian men and woman.. My philosphy is keep your busy behind closed doors so when you get distrust in your mate only you and him will know..

  21. Sounds like an insecure woman, throwing jabs at “the other woman”. Hope infidelity hasn’t popped it’s head up AGAIN. If this is for ratings, why not put the mistresses on the show. Now that would get people to tune in.

  22. They have been married a long time and that’s a grown woman keeping it sexy. If her and her husband don’t have a problem with others seeing it then I sure don’t have a problem with it. Its not like she was graphic.


  23. Married or not, I just don’t understand posting on social media anything regarding one’s personal life. Famous or not!!!!!

  24. Kisha Shuford on said:

    They are married…. so let them be… That’s real love. The ones that are complaining take notes. you must not be happy in your marriage.

    • Sherri Shepard used to do this same thing. A sure sign of desperation. If you notice, it didn’t help her marriage. If you notice, women who are secure in their relationships have no need to be all over social media declaring their love for their husbands. Can you imagine Ms. Samuel L. Jackson posting this nonsense all over social media? Or LL’s wife? What’s the point? Who’s she trying to impress? She’s like a dog marking her territory. Geeze! give it a rest. No amount of gushing about your sex life is going to keep him from sniffing out other bitches in heat if he gets the urge. Ask Beyoncé.

  25. Clarion09 on said:

    She’s a MARRIED woman who obviously loves her husband! Christian women are still women, too.I see nothing wrong with it. I guess if she were sleeping with somebody else’s husband (see: Olivia Pope) it would be okay then smh.

  26. So a black woman LOVES her black man and wants the world to know…and now it’s TMI??? It’s her husband not some stranger!

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