Draya Michele might be one to talk — showing off so much of her own skin.

But she encourages other women not to show too much of their skin.

She believes today in music videos (and different forms of media) women are showing off a little too much.

“These video vixen club dresses are getting outta control,” Draya recently tweeted.

Then a follower of her own posted a photo of her dressed in barely anything on Twitter.

But maybe that’s her point.

“If you dress too sexy, u end up on a blog and a get a bunch of negative comments from non sexy people who wish u died,” wrote Draya who admitted that she’s not exactly a conservative dresser.

Draya Michele said she toned down her image a little after having this epiphany of sorts. Her company in particular, FineAssGirls, is now expanding beyond accessories and skim wear.

“When I wore those sheer tights, that was wack… I learned from that. But my dresses be pretty calm now,” she said.

She’s graced the covers of Urban Ink and Black Men and has been featured in King. But she lets other women know that just because their skin is showing it doesn’t mean it’s going to equal fame.

“No extra money comes your way by showing so much skin…trust me EYE know,” she wrote.

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