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A controversial editorial cartoon that resurrected a racial stereotype is being defended by Whoopi Goldberg.

The cartoon, published earlier this week in the Boston Herald, mocks the recent breach of security at the White House as it shows an intruder taking a bath in President Barack Obama‘s bathtub and a joke caption saying, “Have you tried the new watermelon flavored toothpaste?”

Sat what?!

Media sources report that the artist behind the cartoon, Jerry Holbert, said he had no intention of creating a racial link between watermelon and Obama, the country’s first black president. That response was apparently good enough for Goldberg, who told her co-hosts on “The View” she not only agrees with him but she uses the watermelon-flavored toothpaste described in the cartoon.

“We understand [the joke’s sensitivity] because we live with it,” Goldberg said on Thursday’s show. “But if it’s not something that’s in your consciousness that your parents haven’t explained to you that this has happened. No you’re not thinking about it.”

“I don’t believe he did it on purpose because I don’t think he was thinking about it,” she concluded.

Despite Goldberg’s opinion, her fellow co-host Rosie Perez didn’t feel the same way. Perez countered Goldberg, saying the cartoon looks “mad suspicious.”

On Wednesday, the Herald issued an apology for the cartoon in light of the backlash against it.

“Contributors to our Editorial and Opinion pages have the right to express their views, and satire is clearly used in Jerry Holbert’s cartoon today. That said, we sincerely regret if we inadvertently offended anyone and extend our sincere apologies,” the paper stated.

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44 thoughts on “Whoopi Goldberg Defends Obama Cartoon with ‘Watermelon Joke’ (Watch)

  1. Really Whoopi? It has been so much racial comments since President Obama have been president and no one in social media cannot make me think that they are not up on offensive situations or statements! This person just saw that a so call comedian made a racial shot in which Harvey crew at TMZ thought it was a joke also!Whoopi you have to make up your mind what side of the fence you will take!

  2. carmen on said:

    Yall gotta remember Whoopie has her ON and OFF DAYS, it just just depends on how much weed she smoked before during and/or after to show. Rosie O’Donell has those days too, she suffers from bipolar disorder, all depends on the mood swings and the meds.

  3. I see two (2) separate issues with the “cartoon”. Firstly, what is funny about an intruder breaking into the White House and secondly, the watermelon paste remark – what is funny about that. Yes, like a lot of people, the writer of this “cartoon” thought he could say what he wanted whether it was inappropriate or not. And Whoopi’s defending his “cartoon” is just as inappropriate.

    I agree whole-heartedly with Rosie!!!

  4. Jackie on said:

    Whoopi needs to quit acting brand new.clearly those comments were made to get ratings.She knows racism when she hears sees it smells it and so do most blacks in Amerikkka. This man is a journalist he reads. The same sorts of “watermelon” jokes were made when Tiger Woods first won the Masters as well the William sisters at Wimbledon. Don’t pretend its new or a mistake it’s not new!

  5. @g: Steve is making millions, and I ain’t mad at him. Good for him!! Steve has two (2) TV shows, and a radio show. How many shows do you, or the average person have for that matter? People with talk shows talk about a wide range of topics. Go Steve!!

  6. seriously: You sound like you SERIOUSLY need therapy with your long ranting post. I don’t let white people get under my skin; but I guess some people do

    • seriously on said:

      And you can kiss my ass…getting under the skin is nothing compared to the killing of unarmed black people, or lynching them…That is not under the skin tactics…It is murder, a 16 year old Paula deen beating up a 7 year old kid, because she wanted to and having that child and mother put in jail…It not an getting under the skin move. It is a brutal and injust one…

      And just because you either an ass kissing weak knee Nogrow or you are white troll on this site…You do not get to tell how I should feel or any other black person..You should help yourself and slit a wrist.

  7. Dorothy Kincaid on said:

    Whoopi defends all white people who use derogatory terms for us, check her record. Her gig and loss of income after the geo bush comments scared and now she defends anything whites say.

    • @Dorothy: I’m not condoning what Whoopi said; but believe me Whoopi has recouped her salary 10 fold, and has more money than you, me, and a lot of other people ever will have. Whoopi won’t be in any soup lines anytime soon. We don’t have to agree with her; but she’s entitled to her opinion just like every one else.

      • seriously on said:

        So how do you know what someone else have? Whoopie and Steve is entitled to their opinion true and so is everyone else…So what is your point? That is what everyone is doing here, even your dumbass…You don’t like follow your own advice and shut the fuck up and move on.

  8. Lisa Watkins on said:

    Whoopie finds no wrong in white people’s racist actions. I personally believe as successful ad she is. She suffers privately from self hatred! Ted Danza black face calling her niggas. That was amusing to her, Mel Gibson saying a pack of niggas would rape his girlfriend. She defended him that was alright also. Now the watermelon cartoon is okay too.

    Just the fact the someone had enter the White on numerous occasion, from the couple that was at the dinner. Just walk in, not on the guess list, a man on on the freight elevator with the president

  9. BuffaloSoldier on said:

    Whoopi is just an entertainer onto herself , and is not concerned with African Americans. I don’t see why Black people worship these selfish sports, and entertainers .

    • @Buffalo: Most people don’t :”worship” celebs, and sports figures. Celebs, and sports figures simply provide a form of entertainment. What do you do for entertainment? Every one’s choice is different. We aren’t forced to watch shows, nor attend concerts, sporting events, etc. As for sports; yes lots of men love sports, and sports figures. So what! I can think of lots worse things men could be doing. it’s not that seriously

  10. decpanthers on said:

    Wow Whoopi defending that cartoon and Steve Harvey trying to be Ghandi in a suit from D & K Men Outlet defending Paula Deen. Wow they both are trying to be “Comfort Zone Negroes”. Two in one week.

  11. I’m not surprised Whoppi came to the defense of the cartoonist. I can remember when she had Ted Danson put on blackface and use the N word at her Friar’s Club roast. Shortly thereafter the two of the broke up . He took a lot of heat for listening to Whoppi.

    • @BJohnson: “what’s the point”? It stems from waaaaay back in the day when there were lots of caricatures of Black people eating watermelon. Apparently (some) people can’t get over that image. Personally I love watermelon. It’s sweet, juicy, low cal, and healthy.

      • You drag me to a picnic that didn’t serve fried chicken, watermelon and red soda pop. I’m soooo over that image.

      • BJohnson on said:

        Timekeeper, i got the point, no one will ever make me feel uncomfortable about what i love to eat present or in the past. I know who i am, and i love me.

      • Oh, I suspect she gets it Timekeeper. It’s just that even though racism in America is not over, some of us are over racism.

    • Sometimes Whoopi has intelligent comments; but other times she goes way over the edge. Rosie Perez brings a fresh perspective to the show. Thanks Wendy. LOL LOL Realizing that we aren’t all beautiful; I’m sorry…..this isn’t very nice; but it’s getting harder, and harder to look at Whoopi from a physical standpoint.

  12. Watermelons are RACIST as soon as we take care of that Redskins issue
    We’re going to move on banning the growing, sale, and consumption of watermelon in this country then we move on to FRIED CHICKEN

  13. Wow, Whoopi, would you have felt the same way if Ted Danson would have given you watermelon flavored toothpaste? I’ll bet you wouldn’t have missed the point then. You know damn well watermelon flavor was not chosed by accident. You need to cut those dreads and put on some white face. And while you’re at it, get rid of all those mammy-made clothes you wear. You are a great candidate for a total make over.

  14. Whoopi, you’ve been sitting in that chair too long. You know damn well that cartoon is racist. I’m glad Rosie put you in your place. You, Whoopi, should be ashamed of yourself. But, then again, you’re just a House Negro anyway!

  15. Come on Whoopi….there’s a 99.999% chance that this man knew exactly what he was doing. Not that I care. I’m so over (some) white people, and their nonsense

    • Timekeeper on said:

      ‘m with you Joy. I am so over these racism( and those who pretend they aren’t. Personally, I think he knew what he was doing whether or not there is a real flavor of toothpaste like that.

    • I agree with you Joy2 about white people. I don’t expect much from most white people and they prove me right time and time again.

  16. Would this cartoon have had Bush and Regan in it depicting them in this manner? I think not! Also, it is no laughing matter regarding the “lax” security.

  17. Welcome to America the land of thin skinned I’m a victim you hurt my feelings
    PC liberalism, Rosie Perez would find Kernel Sanders picture atop a KFC Racist

      • americanize. on said:

        4real not only would the jews make them apologize,they would have to do it publicly.An they wouldn,t dare do it in the first place.Nothing these racist do surprise me.

      • seriously on said:

        In some countries it is illegal to deny the holocaust..In most European countries making racist statements are illegal. Because like Hitler and Slavery theye started with words (racists) and the results for each mass murder and indifference..A nation divided cannot stand and will falter…Intelligent people knows the difference and invoke humor of the holocaust and slavery…just not funny and to move away from that is not invoke it (with its brutal, murderous history). Which is something you get or you don’t for some folks.

  18. LOVE whoopi, but GET THE FREAK outta here! even IFFF the illustrator did not know the insensitivity of the ‘watermelon’ cartoon, the editor of the newspaper SHOULD have known. IFFF the illustrator was simply emphasizing the new flavor, WHY did he have to use the POTUS as a point of contact! GET THE FREAK OUTTA HERE!!! the DISRESPECT they have shown PRESIDENT OBAMA: SMHHHHHHHHHHH.

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