1. The couple wed on October 3, 1992. (AP)

2. Barack popped the question at Gordon’s Restaurant, When dessert was served, the ring box was sitting on the plate. (AP)

3. When Michelle first saw Barack’s picture in a law firm directory she thought he had a big nose. (AP)

4. For their Honeymoon, the Obamas drove down the California coast drinking wine and eating pizza. (AP)

5. The Obamas were caught on the NBA’s kissing cam, Michelle shyly denied the POTUS, before laying one on him the next time.(AP)

6. They love the law. Both of them hold law degrees and worked as attorneys at the beginning of their careers. (AP)

7. Michelle says Barack often helps her wash the family dishes. (AP)

8. The Obama’s first kiss was in front of the Baskin Robbins ice cream shop.

9. The two met while working at Chicago law firm Sidley Austin in 1989, Michelle was Barack’s supervisor. (PR)

10. After refusing to go out with Barack for a month, Michelle finally agreed to their first date which was filled with fun. (PR))

11. The couple saw Spike Lee’s classic movie “Do The Right Thing on their first date. (AP)

12. Also, on their first date the couple visited the art institute and ate at a cafe. (AP)

13. The Obama’s finished off their first date with a drink on the 99th floor of the John Hancock Building in Chicago. (AP)

14. Michelle says Barack tucks her in to bed at night at 10pm since he goes to bed much later. (AP)

15. In an interview with E Online, Michelle says she likes “None of the above” when it comes to boxers or briefs for the President.

16. Michelle’s nickname for the President is “Honey.”

17. The President credits Michelle with getting him to quit smoking cigarettes.

18. The Obamas are said to use webcams to keep in touch while traveling apart.

19. Just like us: Michelle revealed that the President can’t make beds and that he never puts the butter away.

20. The couple has two beautiful daughters, Malia and Sasha. (AP)

21. Michelle is quoted saying the best gift she ever received from the President is “my children.”