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Was it because Anthony Anderson was topless for most of the episode?

For some reason, ABC’s promising new comedy Black-ish took a hit in viewership Wednesday night, falling an alarming 24 percent from its promising series debut last week.

Wednesday’s episode drew 6.6 million viewers, down from 10.8 million for the premiere, according to Nielsen. However, ABC is quick to point out that this is the strongest week-two retention for any comedy in the post-Modern Family slot since 2009.

Nor does it account for DVR time-shifting which has adjusted ratings upwards for several shows, taking into account up to a three-day delay in viewership.

By comparison, The Goldbergs at 8 p.m. also drew 6.6 million, while The Middle followed with 7 million, and 9 p.m.’s Modern Family pulled in 10 million (down 11 percent from last week). Nashville wrapped the night with 5.1 million (even with last week).

 Octavia Spencer’s Fox series Red Band Society struggled with just 3.3 million viewers Wednesday night, however, the audience did increase during its second half hour.

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11 thoughts on “‘Black-Ish’ Drops In Second Episode, ABC Says It’s Doing Fine

  1. Yet you niggas turn around and complain that the white man’s networks won’t play “black” shows. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!!! Nobody with money watches the show, businesses don’t advertise during that time slot, network doesn’t make money, show gets cancelled. Its just that simple.

  2. SPECL-T on said:

    I didn’t see the first episode, did see the second, wasn’t real impressed but I think I will give it one more episode to change my opinion. But one thing is for sure A. Anderson should nevah, evah, evah, take his shirt off on a primetime show again, that was truly horrifying! and that’s no joke.

  3. Candygirl81 on said:

    I agree there was a little buffoonery going on. I laughed at some of it, but I think they drove the “acting black” thing a little to hard. Their obviously trying to imitate previous hit shows like “Everybody Hates Chris” and “The Bernie Mack Show” but instead of keeping your audience entertained, they succeeded in seeming to make fun of black people, when they should just have a show with funny black people. Traci Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson are both better actors than that.

  4. I didn’t see the second episode because the first episode was totally buffoonery and set the black race backish. Black folk will do anything for money

  5. There is nothing remotely funny about this show. It is a waste of good talent, and unfortunately a bad investment for the two executive producers. They should get out before their losses are too great. I watched the first episode and did not laugh once.

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