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Lance Gross will be a daddy any day now!



He and fiance, stylist Bec Jefferson’s first child will make his debut into the world soon, but in the meantime the couple gave us a peak into their super fashionable maternity shot.


Click through to the next page to see the couple’s fly moment!

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2 thoughts on “LOOK: Lance Gross & Fiance Release Super Cute Photo From Maternity Shoot!

  1. I am old school too! It is far too much glamorizing having babies and hope the “baby daddy” love you enough to marry you then when it doesn’t happen, go on reality tv to foot the bill! Please if you care enough to have a child which is a lifetime arrangement you should want to marry! Too many single head of households as a result!

  2. What has happens to folks today when it comes to having babys, why no Marriage first and then comes the kids, then they parade around showing all kind of photos, like this. I’m old school. Just saying.

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