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Let’s play the blame game, shall we?

Today’s player is Columbus Short, who has apparently put the blame on TMZ.com for ruining his career and destroying his family.

“My character has been assassinated, unjustly,” the former “Scandal” star told “Dish Nation.”

“I feel like, [gay TMZ founder] Harvey Levin got the proverbial hard-on for me or something because he was attacking me for no reason. What I found out, you know how it goes, these stories get money… TMZ is making all that money, but it’s blood money to me. I really believe it, because you’re destroying people’s families.”


Short’s beef with TMZ goes all the way back to February when he was arrested for allegedly beating his estranged wife, Tanee McCall. Needless to say, TMZ took the bait and generated story after story about the entertainer’s legal issues as well as his drama with McCall.

In Short’s eyes, his ex was the one supplying TMZ with the ammo to hit him where it hurts.

“My ex tended to believe that the police department were like her security guards or something,” said Short.

In addition to his personal and professional situation, the actor took time to speak on defending former Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice, who has come under severe fire since TMZ published video footage of him punching his wife in a casino elevator.

“My first Instagram I said, I stand by Ray Rice. I said what he did was absolutely wrong.

However, what TMZ… the point is TMZ. I have a lot against TMZ. We are fallible. Men, we are fallible creatures, mankind. And I think everybody deserves a second chance, everybody deserves a chance to get it right,” Short told “Dish Nation.”

“TMZ being the judge and jury and the executioner of somebody’s career is ridiculous to me,” he added.

And that concludes the blame game for today. In the meantime, you’ll be happy to know that Short did host a “Scandal” season 4 premiere party Thursday night at Bugaloo Lounge on Ponce in Atlanta.

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8 thoughts on “Columbus Short Places Blame For Career and Family Issues On TMZ

  1. TMZ is in the business of making money. Got no problem with that. If he believes TMZ purposely represented him in a negative light, then he should sue.

  2. This is what bugs me out about a lot of people. They get upset when they get exposed or snitched on for something stupid, dumb or criminal they did. He’s blaming TMZ for his career failure? He was beating up that female and then he couldn’t be quiet about Ray Rice. Now you’re seen as a woman beater who doesn’t take responsibility and condones domestic violence. What’s done in the dark will come out in the light.

  3. Nadine faithful Scandal watcher on said:

    Mr. Short has a legitimate beef with tmz however, he should look in the mirror and self reflect. People are going to judge your actions and make up their mind regardless of who is wrong. Anger and quick temperment can be the demon in all or our lives. Who knows this may be a quiet blessing in your life. But I will miss you on Scandal. Take care and hang in there.

  4. msstarr82 on said:

    so why was he ON tmz friday praising and thanking harvey and the show??? dude be tripping, boo. it’s like editing on RHOA they can’t work with NOTHING from you in the craycray department.

  5. If Short were to get his personal life in order, Shonda could easily write his character back into Scandal as no one saw him in the casket! He could easily be in hiding for whatever plot Shonda can dream of. She is that Good! God has the final word, look to Him and who knows what the future has to offer!

    • Vincent B. on said:

      At this point I don’t believe that Shonda Rhimes could give Mr. Short back his job even if she wanted to. It is interesting to see how actors and actresses don’t seem to think that their behavior off screen may have and adverse affect on their jobs/ability to get more acting gigs/paychecks.
      Even if the charges against Mr. Short weren’t true, there now exists the perception of him as a wife beater. What do you think would happen if SR gave him his job back? The press would have a field day with that, she would be said to be aiding someone who engages in domestic violence. Her shows’ ratings and viewership would tank, not only Scandal, but Grey’s and new latest, How to Get Away with Murder. If that happened, not only would she lose her job, but so would all the other people employed at the shows she produces.
      As it is, African American males don’t have a lot of exposure/roles on network television. Shonda Rhimes seems to try hard to employ and present black men in a positive, intelligent and dynamic light. When actors like Columbus Short and Isiah Washington explode off screen and draw negative press, they not only undercut her efforts to put forth positive role models of African American males, they tank their own careers.
      If SR wanted to give him back his job, she would very likely be vetoed by ABC brass, who would be seen as complicit in aiding a wife beater. Mr. Short probably doesn’t realize it (if evidence of his comments about Ray Rice are true) but his career may very likely be over.

  6. LadySilverfox on said:

    Columbus Short blames TMZ for revealing he is scum.. OK. Now that we know Columbus has not so nice attitude, we blame TMZ or Columbus Short.

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