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Amber Rose filed for divorce from her husband Wiz Khalifa and revealed on Twitter that she is “devastated” by his infidelities. Amber may be reeling from her emotional decision, but the “School Dance” actress may be looking forward to a million dollar payout, courtesy of her prenuptial agreement with Wiz.

According to TMZ, Amber made numerous demands when the legal document was being drafted, which is why she’s allegedly enforcing the prenup. Amber is asking for full legal and physical custody.

Unlike Amber, Wiz seems to be taking the divorce lightly. He tweeted:


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3 thoughts on “Amber Rose Gets $1 Million From Her Divorce?

  1. I don’t know any of these women personally but I just don’t seem to understand how so many of them seem to sleep around and go from man to man Ray J and Kim to Kanye! Why don’t the men want something new than another man’s sloppy second? I would not knowingly want a man that’s slept with other women I knew! For the life can’t understand that!

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