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The most user friendly is probably the slanted tweezers, as they enable you to hold the angled edge flat against the face. This give you better visibility of what you are doing and added precision.

Pointed tweezers come to a thin spike and are ideal for plucking fine or ingrown hairs and splinters.

Flat, rounded and square tip tweezers offer no precision and will have you plucking chunks of hair out all at once. Yikes!

The Proper How-To 

If you don’t know how to tweeze properly, not only could you end up looking like eyebrow-less Homer Simpson, you can cause some serious damage to your face. “The most important thing in tweezing is removing the root,” says Foote. If you don’t reach the ball at the end of the hair follicle, you break the hair at the thickest point of the follicle and it’ll grow back appearing bushier.

Here are some pointers:

  • Pull the skin between the hair follicle taut, not tight.
  • Tweeze hairs parallel to the direction of their growth (pull to the right on right-sided brows, the left on left-sided brows)
  • Pay attention to speed. Rapid movements equal less pain.
  • If you’re sensitive to pain, ice the area after you’ve removed all of the offending strands (hairs fall out easier with warm skin).


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