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Two young women were found dead by the side of a Florida road, but how will the public react to their murders?

A Tampa suburb was rocked after the bodies of Angelia Mangum, 19, and 18-year-old Tjhisha Ball were found hogtied by zipcords and lying on top of one another Thursday, WFTS reports.

The cause of their deaths is not clear as coroners are currently conducting an autopsy to find out what killed them. There’s no word from authorities on that front yet, but what has been swiftly reported is that both of the girls had been working as exotic dancers up until the day they were murdered. According to WFTS, they each had criminal records as well.

I state this to explain that before the details of their murder are thoroughly examined, these facts could call their character into question in the eyes of the public. Unless their decision to strip for a living directly played into their deaths, was it really necessary to state that about these girls?

Authorities don’t know whether their jobs resulted in their deaths at this point, so this just serves to draw attention away from the fact two women were murdered and thrown out like so much trash on the side of the road. It’s a fate that no one deserves.

The other question here is, given their profession, will the public be sympathetic to them in their death? Society tends to have this split mind about strippers, simultaneously looking down on them for being strippers while secretly aspiring to own their sexuality in the same way these women seemingly do. If there wasn’t some part of women that wanted to let their inner vixen out (at least for a few minutes), pole dancing classes wouldn’t be so huge.

And let’s not lose sight of the fact that the cops still haven’t caught the person or people who murdered them. There’s now a state-wide manhunt for any connected with this killing, but that seems to a minor detail to reporters that haven’t specified what authorities are doing to catch the guilty party.

Aside from that I’m left to wonder if this heinous crime will get as much attention (or garner as strong of a reaction) as other killings have in the last few months.

This summer, the Black community had very strong reactions to the murders of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, who both died at the hands of police. Their deaths sparked national outrage, marches, policy changes, even riots. Sadly, there wasn’t as much attention given the death of Renisha McBride, who was gunned down while asking Timothy Wafer for help.

If a murder is going to gain attention and compel people to action, our track record makes it seem as though a victimized Black man is usually at the center of the case. Hopefully, this Angelia and Tjhisha’s case will be an exception to that rule.


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10 thoughts on “Two Black Teens Found Dead & Media Is Focusing On The Wrong Things!

  1. Mr. Wright on said:

    Every stripper I know has had a drug problem. Most strip clubs are run by unsavory people. I think their is a good chance that these girls got caught up in something illegal. Even strippers that i knew that seemed level headed have always fallen and neglected their children due to drugs.
    However it is more than likley that the girls are simply victims of evil people.
    BUt everyone here is to busy trying to make this into a racial issue. Shame on everyone here. We constantly tell whites that we don’t want them to discriminate against us, but look at what we are doing to them. Look at how we talk about them. We should be the bigger adults here and set the example. The same way Martin Luther did.

  2. My Friend Tjihisha & Her GirlFriend Angle Didn’t Deserve This , DONT Matter What They Dif , You Gotta Kno There Background On Growing Up & How They Lived As Aye Child , Its Nothing To ? , They Only Know Why They Did What They Did & All They Did Was GET MONEY

  3. I believe these girls were a part of a human trafficking ring. Although it is very common in Florida the public knows little information about human trafficking. I’m sure their pimp has something to do with their death. These pimps bus girls from Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Miami and the list goes on. They make their girls strip in illegal strip clubs (houses) and sell their bodies for money while the pimp keeps most of the money. The fact that law enforcement released the information about the girls being exotic dancers supports my theory that they were trafficking victims. Just my opinion.

  4. Larry Foster on said:

    Never expect the white media to report stories about black people with care or compassion. It would defeat the white media’s purpose.

  5. It is unfortunate, however, bringing up a person of color background seems to be the norm. No one but the two (2) young ladies knows what happened, why they chose their profession, etc., but in the end, they were someone’s daughters, perhaps someone’s mother. Hog tied?? Just the way African slaves were treated.

    May their souls rest in peace and justice prevails for them.

  6. MsBrandi on said:

    Wow, so now we’re digging up background information on victims to somehow justify the crimes that were done to them. Did anyone dig up Hannah Graham’s background information to see if there’s anything in her past that would justify why she’s missing?

  7. I will look for these young women’s stories to be told on Jane Velez or Nancy Grace’s programs-but I won’t hold my breath.

    Neither of these women is White, blonde haired or blue eyed!

    So what if they were strippers–THEY WERE HUMAN BEINGS FIRST!!!!!!!!!!

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