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Comedian Sheryl Underwood revealed recently that she turned down the opportunity to be a part of the “Queens of Comedy” because she once overheard some of the other comics — Laura Hayes, Sommore and Adele Givens — bashing her on a conference call. Well, Givens and Hayes have responded to Underwood’s claim via social media.

Givens tweeted Friday afternoon, “Wow. The View must be pulling some really great ratings!”

And Hayes shared a picture of a wig on Instagram with the caption, “Now I have take time out of my artistic hustle to respond to this bulls**t COMING SOON,” along with the hasthags: #gotmypressureup, #aintnobodygottimeforthis, and #youknowyougotbettersecretsthanthat.

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16 thoughts on “‘Queens of Comedy’ Respond To Sheryl Underwood’s ‘Secret’

  1. Sheryl Underwood is a skank that will say anything to stay on the]at show. She is a sell out from a long time ago. Maybe she doesn’t realize that her black ass is still just that, Black.

  2. REALLY ! Will there ever be any respect shown among US? regardless of the amount of time, she must have been hurt by the comments. How would YOU feel?

  3. Venus harris on said:

    Sheryl kept her secret for a long time but at least she knows how they felt about her I am sure they are feeling some kind of way finding out that she heard them but if they felt the need to respond they should have done it in a more classy way, they only make themselves look foolish.

  4. If Sheryl wasn’t being shady she would have never used the media to spill the beans. It’s wrong and childish. Same thing “50” does all the time. It really says something about a person’s character. The white media love it and feed off this mess.

    • @kay: Not that it’s right….but Fidee does it all the time to try, and stay relevant. As for the media……The white media doesn’t feed off things anymore than the black media does. It’s called doing a story on current hot topics.

  5. It appears that Sommore is the only one that hasn’t publicly responded. Sometimes it just best to keep quiet. Or, if you can’t say something good; don’t say anything at all. It doesn’t matter that it was years ago…..they know they got straight up busted.

  6. Its spiteful and vindictive to name names on something that happened 15ish years ago. And instead of her having a discussion with them personally over time, she brings it up all these years later? For what? If you want to take a perceived negative and turn it into a positive, keep it all the way positive and just speak on the experience ESPECIALLY considering she worked with them later and said nada. If that isn’t veiled vengeance, I don’t know what is.

  7. My sister my sister we will never be able to be as one if we can’t share and express truth to one another without being hateful ….wrong is wrong…Ms.Underwood handled that with class…take notes ladies …

  8. Toni Evans on said:

    Instead of them saying, oh crap we never knew she heard us and just apologize, then realize what can make them a even better person, they go and make matters worst….This is why our young girls are always at each other, because us older folks, don’t even know how to be better people…just sad!!

  9. D. Potts on said:

    WOW! They got busted out and instead of APOLOGIZING, them old ass hoes too the low road. I’m glad you kept it CLASSY CHERYL. Those 2 could use some lessons in CLASS. SMDH!

  10. Charles P. on said:

    Inspirational message from Sheryl, shady responses from the ‘queens’. Ms. Underwood did everything she could in her 6 minute speech to ensure that her message would not be received as spiteful or vindictive: “this is my recollection of the call…” “I wished all these ladies well in their endeavors…” “I have seen and worked with these ladies since then…” “I’m not mad and don’t hold any grudges…” The point she tried to make was that she took what could have been an instantly negative situation and turned it positive by taking the opportunity to examine herself and become a better person, reaping the benefits over time.

    How does any of that provoke a “wig-snatchin'” response (unless it’s a complete lie)!!?

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