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Sybil Wilkes interviews Judge Mablean about Justice With Judge Mablean.    The show airs September 15th. Check your local listings for showtimes.


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One thought on “Justice With Judge Mablean

  1. I had enjoyed Judge Mablean in the past. I started watching it again a couple weeks ago and was in disbelief. She no longer treated everyone equally. I have noticed she allows black people to run over white people. Yesterday (9/7/17) was the last straw. She began yelling at a defendant and compared him to slave owners because the plaintiffs boss did not pass him a message. It was completely unprofessional. The black plaintiff and she ganged up on this defendant. Only she made this about race. The defendant was in shock and so was I. I will no longer watch Judge Mablean. I have a marketing background and will pass on this information to the public.

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