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Gotham is already an early favorite of TV critics to become one of the top rated shows of the new season, and much of that has to do with the hilariously-devilish performance of Jada Pinkett Smith.

The one-time star of “A Different World” and “Hawthorne” returns to television as boss lady Fish Mooney, an important player in Gotham’s underworld and a woman whose ability to get things handled would put Olivia Pope to shame.

“Fish Mooney, she is a gangster and she owns a theatre and she runs the theatre district, and right now, she wants to take over ‘Gotham,’” Smith told us. “She wants to take ‘Gotham’ from the Falcone [crime] family. That’s what she’s got her sights on. Now, we’ll see what happens. …Right now, she’s working for the Falcone family.”

Below, Jada says her decision to put feature films on hold and make the temporary move from Los Angeles to New York where “Gotham” is filmed was worth all of the career risk and family inconvenience – because the Fish Mooney character is just that juicy:

(Photo: PR Photos)

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