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He may have just spent $40 mil on an LA mansion, but Sean “Diddy” Combs‘ fledgling network, Revolt TV, is … fledgling.

Simply put, the music channel is having big problems reaching a sizable audience to really make it an economically viable contender.

Revolt, which will celebrate it’s one year anniversary in October, is having trouble expanding its reach beyond its original 25 million household base because the consolidation in the cable industry has made it a lot harder to convince other cable companies to pick the channel up, reports the NY Post.

As you can imagine, no growth is a formula for money problems. That means Revolt is having a severe cash crunch according to several TV industry executives.

Cable channels typically cost around $100 million to get launched. Without additional carriage, or cable outlets,Revolt TV is finding it challenging to bring in a wider swath of advertisers.

According to reports, the pending, mega merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable is what’s complicating growth for Revolt.

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