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Condoms protect you against pregnancy, but they aren’t foolproof, especially against diseases…until now.

A new futuristic condom has been approved in the Australian market, reports the DailyMail U.K. The VivaGel condom looks like your standard everyday condom, but it has some additional components to it that will blow you away. Along with your usual barrier of protection, this condom also offers a lubricant that is made with .5% astodrimer sodium (vivagel). This substance has been scientifically proven to deactivate HIV, herpes and HPV with a 99.9% effective rate.

“When it comes into contact with those viruses in either semen or in vaginal secretions, it can inactive them,” says Jackie Fairley, chief executive officer of Starpharma, the pharmaceutical company that created VivaGel. She explains, “the risk of being exposed to these viruses is influenced by the number of virus particles you’re exposed to. If VivaGel deactivates up to 99.9 percent of those particles, that greatly reduces the risk of transmission.”

The VivaGel condom received approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia in last month (which is similar to receiving FDA approval in the U.S.). The product has also been approved in Japan, with plans for U.S. FDA approval in the near future.

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