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Meet Angela Coates, a Georgia resident and a former Jet magazine Beauty of the Week. This good-looking  young lady was arrested in DeKalb County for disorderly conduct and had to take a mugshot. Well, just like #felonbae Jeremy Meeks, a star is born.

Thirsty dudes from all over were soon making their bids to help the 22-year-old Tampa native get up her $360 bail. If you remember, some women were crucified online for their admiration for Meeks but once a pretty girl took a hot mugshot, men proved to be just as easily swayed by beauty as their female counterparts.

A ‘Free Angela Coates’ campaign soon popped up on where else – Twitter – with men expressing their admiration for Coates’ lethal curves.

“I got that bond money for you, baby” one Twitter user offered. Another said “I would sell our family house for the bond money, leave my wife and kids homeless.” And then there’s the one who offered “that $360 and more” and helpfully provided his phone number via direct message on Twitter.

Even Jet Magazine got in on the action, confirming via their Twitter account that Coates was indeed a former Beauty of The Week.

No word on whether Ms. Coates has made bond, but if she hasn’t yet, we’re sure that’s not going to be a problem. Click over for her Jet pics.

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