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Would you leave your job for an early buy out?

United Airlines is making a plea to its flight attendants and for some, it just may be worth the money.

The Globe and Mail reports:

The company, formed by a 2010 merger, has seen growth on what used to be Continental Airlines, which hired 485 flight attendants last year. But the old United operation has been shrinking and furloughing flight attendants. The cabin crews still fly separately because the company has not reached a single contract that covers both groups.

Airlines and other companies use early-out bonuses to entice employees – especially senior, more expensive ones – to leave and be replaced by entry-level workers.

United Continental Holdings Inc. did not say how much the severance payments would cost. Last year, the company said it spent about $64-million on early-out payments to 1,200 ground workers and pilots.

The Association of Flight Attendants said that the early-out payments announced Monday would let some people pursue other endeavours and give those who remain a chance to move up the seniority ladder.

Chicago-based United, the second-biggest U.S. airline operator behind American Airlines Group Inc., has been shrinking slightly – about 3 per cent in passenger-carrying capacity since 2011, not counting United Express flights. United announced last year that it planned to cut spending by $2-billion per year to boost earnings. Operating expenses were $37-billion last year.

The company’s shares fell 85 cents to close at $49.56 and were down another 40 cents in after-hours trading. They were still up 31 per cent for the year at the closing bell.

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(Photo Source: AP)


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5 thoughts on “United Airlines Offers $100K To Flight Attendants To Quit

  1. BuffaloSoldier on said:

    Boycot United !!! Smaller Seats.. Cramming people on planes like cattle .. charge more money ! Paying the CEO $ 25 Million per year .. This is about scamming Americans … and guess what ? we are saying nothing and accepting all this crap. Fu…ck United. They are trying to lower wages .. give CEO’s more bonuses !!!!! All these Harvard graduate MBA’s are selfish gutless A holes .

  2. For those that can afford it, i.e., have a spouse, already have a nest egg, don’t have a lot, or any debt, and have skills, and confidence that they can find another job…..TAKE THE$$$, AND RUN. Because in the end they may be let go anyway, and the offer may not be as much. And, if you do take the buy out DON’T SPEND THE $$$. Put it in a nest egg, and find another job (perhaps with another airlines) immediately.

  3. United needs to cut their airline ticket prices and stop nickel and diming consumers for additional baggage, if they want that stale bag of peanuts, if they prefer a window seat etc.

    Folks are stuffed like sardines on the planes no a days which is why folks tempers are flaring regarding leg room, elbow room, reclining seats.

    Stop gouging the people UNITED–plain and simple!!!!

    There is no need to offer early outs for FA’s.

    • For the last 6 months, or so ALL airlines’ fares have been through the roof. If the airlines don’t lower their fares for the holidays….the outlook is just going to get worse for them.

    • BuffaloSoldier on said:

      Americans Unite Against United Airlines .. They are Scumbags Trying To LOwer Wages Bellow Minimum Wages !!! The American Middle Class Where Is IT ?? .. The Answer My Friend We have No Middle Class left .. Who The Hell Is going to buy the cars, houses, hame tickets ??? The A Hole Harvard, Stanford Ivy League MBA’s , Lawyers are a bunch of self serving A Holes. Boycott UNITED ASAP

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