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Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” premiered last night, and it’s already filled with explosives. From Teairra Marie’s love of Ray J to Fizz’s (of B2K fame) baby mama drama with his ex-girlfriend, Moniece, we see that this season is going to get crazy! Here are 41 thoughts we had just watching the premiere


teairra marie love and hip hop hollywood

1. Teairra Marie loves her some selfies!

2. Okay, so we’ve heard of singer-songwriters, but rapper-publicists? That’s new…

3. So glad they spelled homegirl’s name, because we weren’t sure if it was “Hazel Lee” or… Well, that’s all we thought. *Repeats to self* Hazel-E… Hazel-E…

4. Lemme get this straight: Teairra and Hazel are roommates who don’t see each other, and Teairra has never seen their apartment? I have confusion.

5. Why are their drink straws so short?

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