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Brooklyn residents Precious Parker, 30 and Sabrina James, 23 are facing charges of robbery and unlawful imprisonment after they reportedly robbed, then forced three White tenants out of their apartment building at gunpoint just because they were ‘tired of white people moving into the area,’ according to a police report states the New York Daily News.

The Black duo reportedly knocked on the door of the three White apartment dwellers in question, whose names have not yet been released.  The residents, two men ages 34 and 37 and a woman age 25, were allegedly ordered by Parker and James at gunpoint to vacate their apartment or face death.

Parker and James then reportedly stole $800 in cash, an iPhone and personal information from the victims, who feared for their lives and fled from the apartment.  According to an unnamed police official who spoke to the Daily News, after the residents left, both Parker and James then took over the residence and became squatters.

According to the law enforcement source, Parker and James zeroed in on the three White tenants possibly because of their race, class and the fact that their neighborhood has had an influx of White people and the pair disliked this immensely.

Parker and James were arrested while in the apartment they allegedly took over and a handgun was also uncovered by police investigators during the process.

Two Black Women ‘Tired Of White People’ Force White Tenants Out Of Building At Gunpoint was originally published on

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11 thoughts on “Two Black Women ‘Tired Of White People’ Force White Tenants Out Of Building At Gunpoint

  1. This is a case of Karma. As was expulsions in AfriKa. When you mistreat people for so long, they will end up mistreating you. I’m not saying it’s right, because it’s not. Only good can breed good. We should have expelled them from Afrika 600 years ago. This post wouldn’t exist.

    • Mrknowitall on said:

      Shawn, their was no mention in the article that the three European Americans mistreated the two black racist women. Unless, you were racisl profiling and stereotyping the European Americans.
      Clearly this was a racial attack by black boggitts. Under the law, the European Americans should have stood their ground. I would have.

  2. Original Man on said:

    It’s funny they should’ve done it years ago. When black people move into white hoods the property value drops. But when whites move into the ghetto the property value rises. WTF!!!
    When we move in y’all force blacks out now we take a page out of your book and y’all get all touchy kick rocks. I think every time a white cop kills a unarmed minority we should start evicting mother fuckers. So! You can’t stand us in your hood so why do you flock to mines. Let the punishment fit the crime and with all do respect where still owed 40acers an a mule sooooo the way I see it they were just collecting. Bye!!

  3. Mrknowitall on said:

    This is clearly black privledge.
    Black privledge is when racist black biggotts commit crime and Think they shouldn’t be charged.
    Black privledge is black racist biggotts commiting hate crimes like this and not getting charged with a hate crime.
    THIS IS A HATE CRIME. If a European American did this to black folks it would be a hate crime.
    Black privledge striked again. Listen up Erick Holder.

  4. Dam what a racist bigoted bunch of white trash call Jessie and Al,,,,Uh what? the victims were white
    and the perps were black? well so much for that “black people cant be racist b%llsh!t

  5. The Truth on said:

    These dumb asses should be locked up. How in the heck you decide who can move where? This is reverse discrimination. Dumb asses!!!

  6. Although I don’t agree with what they did, never take belonging’s that you didn’t work for or anything for that matter! But! I am tired of these white people moving into the city and where black have lived all their life, and then make it impossible for the same black people to afford to live there!!! Allmajor cities that were once black dominated are being taken over by whites, who, of course, want the blacks out!!1
    Stay in the suburbs where you didn’t want black people in the first place.

    I can’t stand how they take over, and the Mexicans too.

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