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You can’t say Aisha Tyler is a lazy chick. She’s got three shows on the air right, now all of whom have more season guaranteed. Tyler is on Whose Line Is It Anyway, Archer and  The Talk.

“We have so much fun doing the show so the time has just flown. Coming into season 5 we’re excited,” she says of the The Talk which debuts today. She co-hosts with Julie Chen, Sheryl Underwood, Sharon Osbourne and Sara Gilbert.

It recently overtook The View in the daytime ratings race, though who knows what will happen now that The View’s been wholly revamped.

“I don’t check for anybody else. I’m just focused on doing the best job that I can and I think that’s how we work here,” says Tyler. “To excel, you have to be focused on your own skill set.”

Meantime, she’s the definition of how to earn multiple revenue streams.

“I’m just having a really lucky run now,’ says Tyler. “I’m really grateful because I remember them days I was doing ramen noodles and taking a cash advance from one credit card to pay another credit card.”

Tyler says  her father, who raised her as a single parent, instilled the work ethic that makes her career possible.

“My dad only has an 8th grade education and was the kind of person who believed that hard work could overcome everything. He got up at 3:30 in the morning, worked 12-14 days and fell asleep in his dinner every night. He was always on the grind. I got that work ethic from him.”

Listen to more of her interview above.

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