Rumors have been swirling that the separated Nick Cannon is dating Jasmine Sanders, but is it true? Maybe!

Since the news spread that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are no longer living together and have separated, he has been attached to different women. “Wild N Out” vixen Brittany Dailey was reportedly the one, and Jasmine Sanders also made headlines for being Nick’s new chick. But it’s not the Jasmine Sanders from “The D.L. Hughley Show!”

Jasmine Sanders a.k.a. “Golden Barbie” is a model who recently posted pictures of herself looking like she was doing a Mariah Carey imitation, and these images have definitely helped fuel the fire that Jasmine Sanders IS dating Nick Cannon.

While neither Jasmine or Nick have confirmed or denied the rumors of being in a relationship, we can confirm that the Jasmine Sanders who works with D.L. Hughley is not!

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