Edward J. Blum, co-author of “The Color of Christ: The Son of God and the Saga of Race in America” joined Roland Martin Wednesday on “NewsOne Now” to discuss how the American image of Jesus has been used to advance white supremacy around the world. Listen to their conversation below.

Be sure to listen to “NewsOne Now” with Roland Martin, weekdays at 7 a.m. EST and watch at 9 a.m. EST on TV One. 


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2 thoughts on “White Jesus, White Supremacy? [VIDEO]

  1. dangerous BlkMan on said:

    Jesus was black. Moses was black. THe original Jews were black. The original jews have since been replaced by an invasion of european cave apes who breed like roaches and spread so fast that they have changed the face of this earth. When they invaded the jewish people they killed all the men and they raped the women. Then they took over the religeon. This is what white people do. They invade kill and rape. Then they steal all the tech and customs of the area they invaded. Then they claim it as their own. It has been going on for thousands of years. Ever since the first Aryan killed his own neanderthal father and raped his own mother to make more aryans.

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