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As we previously reported, rapper Gucci Mane was given a 39-month sentence for weapons charges which violated his probation. Conventional wisdom said that he would be granted credit for time served while awaiting his trial and sentencing.

However, once again conventional wisdom was absolutely wrong!

According to Eben Gregory, following the sentencing last week, Gucci filed docs asking the court to approve that he get credit for the entire time he was in prison awaiting his sentence. The order states that Gucci sought to have his federal sentence begin from the date he was taken into state custody upon his probation revocation on September 14, 2013.

But the judge in the case answered the request with a resounding no! Instead, Gucci’s time will begin on the date of the sentencing which was August 20, 2014.

He will have to serve his entire sentence and will not get credit for the close to one year he was sitting in prison waiting for a judge to decide his fate.

We hope that the time will be used in a way that allows Gucci to put some things together for when he finally does get out. Since he asked for drug treatment we believe he can do just that!

Hang in there, Gucci.

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