Uh oh! Bobbi Kristina’s husband, Nick Gordon was charged with a DUI after crashing his car in Roswell Thursday morning.

According to WSB TV, Roswell police said Gordon was driving a BMW sedan that hit a curb, overturned, then hit a fire hydrant on Holcomb Bridge Road just before noon. Before noon? There was no breathalyzer test given, however, because of Gordon’s behavior, the police had probable cause to arrest him for DUI.

TMZ is reporting that when cops arrived on scene, they discovered Nick was driving on a suspended license, so police also charged Gordon with that and a failure to maintain his lane. He was taken to the Roswell Detention Center. Neither Gordon, nor his passenger Mason Whitaker, were injured.

This isn’t the first time Gordon’s been a terror behind the wheel. In 2012, Bobbi’s hubby was arrested for driving like a maniac, hour after Bobbi totaled a Chevy Camaro in a terrifying wreck all her own. SMH, to be young and wreckless. At least he’s ok.

Originally seen on Hellobeautiful

(Photo: PR)

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