Erick Pittman is putting her love life in the hands of Bravo viewers on “The Singles Project,” and she’s excited to see what’s going to happen.

The idea of letting a bunch of strangers (not all of whom may have your best interest at heart) direct you dating might scare the crap out of most people. Ericka is not most people.

As the VP of Business Development for Combs Wine and Spirits, the self-proclaimed Brooklyn Barbie is constantly on the go. Somehow, she still finds time to volunteer with Dress For Success and attend some of the hottest parties in the Hamptons, Lake Como and all points in between. The intimate details of a life like hers are usually very quiet, but Ericka thought it might be time to try something new.

“I am normally a really private person in my personal life,” Ericka told #TeamBeautiful. “I thought that if try to I do something radically, outrageously different, something radically, outrageously different would happen in my life.”

Ericka, like many singles, has tried a bunch of different methods to find Mr. Right. So far, her search has come up with no lasting contenders for her heart. “History is an indicator. Dating, for me, has not been very successful in terms of marriage and long-term commitment,” she shared, adding that she’s come close a couple of times. “I’ve had great relationships throughout the years, but none that resulted in the love of my life.”

With her involvement on Bravo’s innovative dating show, she’s mingling in a whole new way. However, could she be coming across any familiar faces in her New York dating adventures. The city is only so big.

“I’m actually en route a real date right now,” Ericka said with a giggle. She wouldn’t tell us who she was going out with, but she did hint that she’s already acquainted with the guy. “It’s first date, so that’s exciting! I met him briefly, so I know who he is. It’s not a blind date, so that’s exciting.”

Hmmm…”The Singles Project” viewers will just have to wait and see who Ericka’s mystery date turns out to be when the show airs August 26 at 10 p.m. on Bravo. Whoever, he is, Ericka’s not putting a lot of pressure and expectations on the date. She’s looking to have fun and maybe meet the man of her dreams. If that doesn’t happen, at least she’ll have had a great time!

“I’m not much of a hoper. I don’t do a lot of hoping. I like to kind of create the life that I want,” she explained. “I’m just open to the process, so whatever comes of it, it comes of it.”

She concluded, “Maybe we’ll date; maybe we’ll just be friends; maybe we’ll be business colleagues. Maybe he’ll be a good catch for one of my friends.”


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