The St. Louis Police Department continues to circle the wagons around Officer Darren Wilson, the police officer who gunned down unarmed teen Michael Brown on August 9, saying that Brown’s death was no different from a “typical larceny from a local convenience store.”

Wilson did not submit a police report, which stoked the anger of protesters already overwhelmed by attacks from police officers claiming they had to “keep the peace” by using tear gas, rubber bullets and flash grenades.

And once a police report was finally made public, it was through the St. Louis County police department and contained almost no information, including no details about the encounter that led to Wilson gunning down Brown with at least 6 shots, including two to the head.

Brian Schellman, a spokesman for the St. Louis County police department seems unconcerned about the need to restore public faith in the police department, nor does the department think Brown’s shooting death deserves any special consideration.

“We will not release [Wilson’s account of events leading to Brown’s death],” said Schellman. “This isn’t any different than a typical larceny from a local convenience store.”

The fact that this police department considers a dead Black child to be in the same category as larceny, compounded by the fact that Wilson had no idea that Brown had even visited a convenience store when he stopped him for jaywalking, shows how low they will go to protect a man who gunned down an unarmed child and quickly skipped town.

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5 thoughts on “St. Louis PD On Mike Brown’s Death: ‘No Different From Typical Larceny From Local Convenience Store’

  1. VBucGreen on said:

    Put the alleged shop lifting, robbery, or whatever you want to call it a side, Jay-Walking does not warrant six bulletin nor the death of Michael Brown. You Hateful Animals need to learn to think, learn the value of life and gets some morals.

  2. Honestly on said:

    You cave n!@@ers need to profile yourselves their are monsters, freaks and savages in your community that need to be euthanized. Cave n!@@er on cave n!@@er violence is an American epidemic which you choose to ignore. You mayonnaise monkeys are arrogant racist bastards. You should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

  3. The Ferguson PD must all be a bunch of assholes.

    They are constantly fanning the flames with this issue which is FIRST DEGREE MURDER!

    The POS cop D. Wilson belonged to a group of Klan cops. He should have been fired from the force long before he was allowed to kill Michael Brown in the street in cold blood!!!!!!

    There is no comparison to this crime and a mere store petty larceny !!!!!

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