St. Louis police officer Dan Page, who earlier this week pushed CNN host Don Lemon during a live broadcast in Ferguson, has been suspended from duty after video of him going on racist, homophobic rant went viral.

The bigoted remarks were made during an Oath Keepers meeting a few months ago.

During the speech, Page rants against Black Americans, the LGBTQ community, Muslim Americans, affirmative action, “sodomites,” and suggests that couples wherein one or both parties are victims of domestic violence should just “shoot each other.”

See Page’s full speech below:

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar told USA TODAY on Friday that once he “learned of the tape, sought it out and viewed it himself, he immediately placed Page on administrative leave.”

“I don’t legally have the authority to fire an individual like that,” Belmar said. “I will tell you that if he were a probationary officer, he would not (have the latitude of an investigation) and I would have fired him an hour and a half ago.”

At the time that Page pushed Lemon, the host said: “Now you see why people are so upset here.”

6 thoughts on “Cop Who Pushed Don Lemon Suspended After Racist Speech Goes Viral [VIDEO]

  1. this is the sign of the times), God said that we the tribe of Judah which is the tribe of The Lion,
    we are the tribe of judah, the lion they are afraid of us, because the lion will always rise up and win.
    we have to remember that GOd had nothing to with Shawn bells death or OScar grant’s and peace will not come until GOd returns to rescue his people.. The police officer’s today are filled with hate, and Racism and they are burned out. some of them do not know how to feel they have no emotion, they have no remorse they do not know how to speak to people of color. THey do not know how to communicate with people period not just black people, but all people of color. women children. but I do not see bill Cosby out there, who says we are lazy people, you do not see OPRAH, out there, supporting the family, You do not See ICE-cube, or ICe-t, these so called militant Rappers,
    who was singing f***k the police now they have money and do want to destroy there images,
    it just baffles me, ITs really a shame.

  2. carmen on said:

    I watched it during Don’s live broadcast/ the live footage was UNBELIEVABLE! People don’t realize that some law enforcement personnel are hidden racists with a license to kill and destroy an entire human race…go figure.

  3. While I don’t particularly like Don Lemon, this incident should not have happened and just goes to show the “war on African-American males” in Amerykah!

    Obviously, to this POS cop-Mr. Lemon was just another n—-r!

  4. We have a lot of issues in a our own country that we need to work on.its hard to believe that in 2014.american citizens are behaving in this doubt there has to be change in fergueson and some other cities in the u.s..our goverment has to go back and look and see whats is going on across america and make change, evidently these mayors arent concerned with what really going on across america, appears to looking for the betterment of whites and care less about blacks, but we gotta care more ourselves to .and start helping raise our kids and quit drinking and partying so much, then they want take advantage of us.

  5. And those Whites that are disputing the eye witnesses testimony with a police force policing a community of 67% of the population with 93% white police force. I will agree with him on the Militarism of American streets it is by no accident that the pentagon sent over $483M of military hardware.

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