Lesley McSpadden and Michael Brown, Sr. parents of slain teenager Michael Brown, will attend a protest rally in New York for Eric Garner, the Staten Island man who died after an illegal chokehold was applied during an arrest.

The rally, scheduled for Saturday is expected to draw 15,000. The protest will begin on the street near where Garner was killed, and proceed on to the Staten Island District Attorney’s office. Though the medical examiner ruled Garner’s death a homicide, Officer Daniel Pantaleo who applied the illegal chokehold, has yet to be charged or arrested. Pantaleo remains on the job on restricted duty. Four EMT technicians responding to the scene were suspended.

Brown’s death at the hand of Ferguson, MO police officer Darren Wilson, has engendered a furious response from the community who have protested since he was killed on August 9th. An international contingent of media, activists, community organizations, clergy, celebrities  and even members of the international human rights group Amnesty International have come to Ferguson to protest Brown’s killing.

Rev. Al Sharpton, who planned Saturday’s march says that the march will be peaceful.

“If anything were to happen, we’d be the first one to stop and turn those people out of our march. We do not lead violent marches,” Sharpton said.

The “We Will Not Go Back” protest will begin on Saturday at 12 noon, kicking off at Victory Boulevard and Bay Street.

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One thought on “Michael Brown’s Parents Will Attend Garner Rally In New York

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