Beavercreek police said Crawford, 21, was shot after he waved an air rifle at customers and refused officers’ orders to drop it. Attorney Michael Wright, who is representing Crawford’s family, said this week that surveillance video of the shooting shows it was unjustified.

DeWine showed footage of the shooting to Crawford’s relatives and their attorney, but he said the video would not immediately be released to the public. He declined to discuss details of the video.

Wright said in statement Thursday that it was “astonishing” that Darkow was back on the job.

“Apparently Beavercreek concluded its investigation,” Wright said. “Otherwise, Officer Darkow would still be on leave.”

He said the family is calling on the police department to release the results of its investigation.

Shortly after the shooting, Beavercreek police asked the Bureau of Criminal Investigation to investigate. A message seeking comment from the bureau was left at its offices Thursday.

Wal-Mart Stores Inc., based in Bentonville, Arkansas, has provided material to law enforcement officials for their investigation.

(Photo: AP)

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5 thoughts on “Cop In Wal-Mart Death Involved In Another Fatal Shooting

  1. James R. on said:

    As a former Law Enforcement officer, once and officer is involve in the use of deadly force, in returning to work he will under react or overreact in the use of deadly force. A Psychiatrist is usually involve to see where this officers state of mind is, and as to whether he’s fit for duty.

  2. Well I guessing his 2010 victim was white so that must make him an equal opportunity
    user of deadly force and forensic evidence backed him up. After all you can’t always trust eye witness statements (witnesses said Brown was shot in the back, autopsy now revels that is not true)

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