CINCINNATI (AP) — A police officer placed on leave after the fatal shooting of a man at a Wal-Mart store also was involved in a 2010 fatal shooting in which he was not indicted after evidence showed he acted in self-defense, authorities confirmed Thursday.

Authorities have not said which of the two responding officers in the Wal-Mart shooting in the Dayton suburb of Beavercreek fired the shot that killed John Crawford III on Aug. 5. Beavercreek city attorney Stephen McHugh confirmed in email Thursday that Officer Sean Williams remained on administrative leave and Sgt. David Darkow was back on the job.

A Greene County grand jury in 2010 did not return an indictment against Williams in the fatal shooting of an intoxicated man authorities said attacked Williams and another officer when they responded to multiple calls about a violent domestic dispute. Prosecutor Stephen Haller said at the time that the grand jury’s decision was consistent with evidence that showed Williams was acting in self-defense in the June 2010 shooting of Scott Brogli.

A release issued by Haller in 2010 said Brogli charged at Williams and another officer with an 8-inch kitchen knife and kept moving toward them after they warned him to stop.

Attorney General Mike DeWine has said a special county grand jury will convene Sept. 3 to determine whether criminal charges should be filed in the Wal-Mart shooting.

Williams and Darkow aren’t commenting, McHugh said by email Thursday. No home phone listings could be found for the officers.

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5 thoughts on “Cop In Wal-Mart Death Involved In Another Fatal Shooting

  1. James R. on said:

    As a former Law Enforcement officer, once and officer is involve in the use of deadly force, in returning to work he will under react or overreact in the use of deadly force. A Psychiatrist is usually involve to see where this officers state of mind is, and as to whether he’s fit for duty.

  2. Well I guessing his 2010 victim was white so that must make him an equal opportunity
    user of deadly force and forensic evidence backed him up. After all you can’t always trust eye witness statements (witnesses said Brown was shot in the back, autopsy now revels that is not true)

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