Finally! Someone from the Knowles clan has spoken…it’s just up to you to believe it or not.

Tina Knowles was spotted around town and of course TMZ caught up to the uber famous mom and asked her about the divorce rumors between Beyonce and her son-in-law, Jay Z.

According to the Mama T, they’re marriage is “perfect”.

Watch the video above to see what else she had to say about “the haters”.

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(Photo Source: TMZ Screenshot, Video Source: TMZ)

5 thoughts on “FINALLY! Tina Knowles Speaks Out On Beyonce, Jay Z Divorce Rumors [WATCH]

  1. People are losing interest. When your situation is on point, it speaks for itself. Where there’s smoke there is fire. It was FIRE in that Elevator when Solange was beating Jay-Z’s ass. Beyoncé was standing there like it wasn’t her husband being attacked by her sister.

  2. The media and the public need another punching bag. Michael Jackson is gone and they need someone else to trash and sell stories. Even if Jay and Ms. B are having, so what. That is what couples go through just as long as they know how to work it out.

  3. October on said:

    Why don’t they say no comment and leave it alone. For the record, we need to let that hater reference go. Its getting old and stale.

    • You’re right. Personally can’t stand those two knowles. Her and mother are both nit wits in my book. So I’ll be a hater of those two. I believe she’s made all this up to keep name in news. That’s so obvious. Hello!

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