Media personality (and lawyer?) Geraldo Rivera was a guest on FOX’s “Outnumbered” Tuesday afternoon and got into it briefly with the show’s sole black panelist Harris Faulkner.

When asked his expert legal opinion on how the situation in Ferguson might unfold, Rivera began describing the case solely in terms of race, suggesting that racial tribalism is at the heart of the unrest in Ferguson and effort to indict killer cop Darren Wilson with no mention of justice. Apparently, it was too much for Faulkner to abide.

“I’ll tell you what will happen: they’ll have a trial, white jurors will see it one way and the black jurors another,” Rivera said. “The white jurors will look at that convenience store surveillance tape. They will see Michael Brown menacing that clerk. The white jurors will put themselves in the shoes of that clerk. They’ll say, of course the officer responded the way he did; he was menaced by a 6′ 4″, 300 pound kid 10 minutes fresh from a strong armed robbery. The white jurors will put themselves in the white officers’ place. The black jurors will see Michael Brown despite his flaws as the surrogate for every black youngster.”

Faulkner called his comments “poor-sighted, shortsighted, and just not true.”

“This is more than a racial issue,” she said. “For you to pick off the low-hanging fruit is offensive and it insights more of it to go on. It’s irresponsible.”

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7 thoughts on “Black FOX Anchor Pushed To the Edge By Geraldo’s Ferguson Comments [WATCH]

  1. carmen on said:

    Jeraldo us to have his own tv show and was Pro Civil Rights. WTH happened to him over the years, to be hispanic he turned completely Anti-Civil Rights. Guess he always was Anti Civil Rights and sold his soul to the devil Fox Network for the love of money.

  2. carmen on said:

    Ohhh so that’s what happened to Harris Faulkner. Here in Kansas City back in the late 1980’s – 1990’s she was a news anchor on a local fox network tv station WDAF Fox 4. She has very strong and strange features, really wide eyes, round wide face, very thick/full lips, only difference is looks she bleached her skin.

  3. Come on now, Like it or not, what Geraldo is saying is true. That is why we keep having these issue because hardly no one wants to be honest but politically correct.

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