Dutta’s message is to “shut up and take it, because even the slightest bit of intransigence is grounds for the cops to unleash a world of hurt,” writes Benjamin Freed of the Washingtonian. “To say that putting up a verbal argument warrants bringing out the billy clubs, stun guns, or actual guns only stokes what’s been seen coming out of Ferguson in the past week — images of peaceful demonstrators being met with a lines of officers rigged with military-grade equipment, marchers being fogged with canisters of tear gas, and people being slugged with rubber bullets after not moving quickly enough,” Freed complains.

“So, ‘Do what I say or I will hurt/kill you?’ How does that even remotely correspond with ‘To Serve and Protect?’” Carter Gaddis wrote on Twitter, citing the police motto.

Mike Knox, a business owner and father of four in Ferguson, told CNN “people are just tired” of being pulled over when they did nothing wrong, so it’s common to give police attitude in the area. But he teaches his children not to.

Protesters throughout the country say submitting to an officer doesn’t always avoid police brutality. They point to the case of Eric Garner, killed by New York police in a chokehold in July. And in California, a 51-year-old woman was seen on video being repeatedly punched by a Highway Patrol officer.

In a CNN.com column last week, Iris Baez of the Justice Committee in New York wrote that her son died nearly 20 years ago in an illegal police chokehold. “These tragedies and injustices happen year after year, and people of color — primarily black and Latino — are usually the victims.”

“Police-community relations can only start to improve when individual officers who abuse civilians’ rights are held accountable with a zero-tolerance policy for police brutality,” she says.

Authorities in Ferguson say force has been needed to stop the minority of “agitators” who have fomented violence, through gunshots and Molotov cocktails.

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7 thoughts on “Veteran Cop: ‘Do What I Tell You And You Won’t Get Hurt’

  1. James R. on said:

    Law enforcement has changed drastically since I retired, you have the mentally impaired, mentally ill, mental retardation, and people that plain do not understand your commands. Should they die because you bark out a command. The use of deadly force were used as a last resort, now its the first thing that officers does, shoot first and ask questions later, you would have been in violation of the use of deadly force policy years ago. But you have government immunity now for sanction killings of citizens.

  2. The best way to avoid being harassed by the police is to not do anything that will even remotely put you in that situation. If you are confronted if you haven’t done anything wrong then comply with their wishes and then move on. Too much built up hostility with these young people not enough home training because of a lack of two parents or no parents at all. Single moms cant do this all by themselves. I am just glad I never had children so I do not have to experience the sorrow these moms are facing these days. May God have mercy on everyone’s soul.

    • Unfortunately too many youths especially Black have a corrupt
      respect for authority whether developed through factual or perceived circumstances
      30 yrs ago it might have been “yes sir officer” now it’s “f^ck you mother^cker”
      Which can lead to a few hours in jail or a situation like we have here.
      The article has a good point had Mr.’ Brown complied with the officer he would be
      chasing honeys at college right now, because evidence is beginning to show that some sort of physical altercation did take place

  3. I agree, but to a point. Regardless, don’t act up, don’t be rude, don’t be hanging around disreputable people, be respectful [of all adults], stay out of trouble – that should be in everyday life. That’s how I was raised. Yes, there are idiot cops out there, but a lot more idiotic people, and too many are black. Watch some COPS episodes and see how rude and self-entitled these young people are. Saying all cops are bad is just like saying all blacks are criminals. Where does it stop? We need to weed out the bad ones on BOTH sides.

  4. “Police-State”

    The benefit of the doubt
    Belongs to the maddogs in blue
    Sworn to service and protect
    Every and anybody,but me and you.

    Copyright 2014
    All rights reserved

  5. americanize. on said:

    If u want to live do what they say,he could be an officer who has a white supremist mentality.The bottom line is this is not a guarantee that u still won,t be killed.

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